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Tom Conti
Partners of 
Tom Conti

British Actor famous as Costas in "Shirley Valentine"
Tom Conti

Thomas Antonio Conti




Saturday 22 Nov 1941

Tom Conti
Bio Details

Full name

Thomas Antonio Conti





Date of birth

Saturday 22 Nov 1941

Birth place

Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, UK




Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Hamilton Park School, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Partners of 
Tom Conti

Princess Diana
Princess of Wales

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from circa 1994

Kara Drummond Wilson


1 child together

2 Jul 1967

Tom Conti Children

Nina Conti

born 1974, age 44
with Kara Drummond Wilson

Tom Conti Partner(s) Other Children


Tom Conti Family

Tom Conti's parents:

Tom Conti's father was Alfonso Conti Tom Conti's mother was Maisie Conti

Tom Conti's children:

Tom Conti's daughter is Nina Conti

Tom Conti's current partners:

Tom Conti's wife is Kara Drummond Wilson

Tom Conti's former partners:

Tom Conti allegedly had a romance with Princess Diana Princess of Wales

Tom Conti's grandparents:

Tom Conti's grandfather is James McGoldrick Tom Conti's grandmother is Rosina McGoldrick Tom Conti's grandfather was Antonio Conti Tom Conti's grandmother was Alessandra Conti

Tom Conti's grandchildren:

Tom Conti's grandson is Arthur Stanley Tom Conti's grandson is Drummond Stanley

Tom Conti's in laws:

Tom Conti's son in law is Stan Stanley