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Partners of 
Claudia Haro
Claudia Haro

Partners of 
Claudia Haro

Garrett Warren


1 child together

married Mar 1998
divorce 1999

Joe Pesci


1 child together

married 1989
divorce 1992

Claudia Haro
Bio Details

Full name

Claudia Haro

Also known as

Marty Haro



Currently serving a 12 year sentence for organising the attempted murder of her ex-husband Garrett Warren by hiring a hit man
US Actress and Model
Claudia Haro

Claudia Haro

Claudia Haro Partner(s) Other Children

Claudia Haro Children

Tiffany Pesci

with Joe Pesci


born 1999, age 18 (approx.)
with Garrett Warren


Claudia Haro Family

Claudia Haro's children:

Claudia Haro's daughter is Tiffany Pesci

Claudia Haro's former partners:

Claudia Haro's former husband is Joe Pesci Claudia Haro's former husband is Garrett Warren

Claudia Haro's former in laws:

Claudia Haro's former father in law is Angelo Pesci Claudia Haro's former mother in law is Mary Pesci