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Partners of 
Julie Cowell
Julie Cowell

Partners of 
Julie Cowell

Eric Cowell


3 children together

24 Oct 1961

Bertram Scrase


2 children together

relationship began circa 1945
until after 1950

Julie Cowell
Bio Details

Full name

Josie Cowell

Maiden name

Josie Dalglish

Also known as

Julie Brett

Julie Scrase

Josie Scrase





Date of birth

Friday 20 Nov 1925

Birth place

Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

Date of death:

5 Jul 2015



Danced in London shows under the name Julie Brett.
Mother of Simon Cowell
Julie Cowell

Josie Cowell




Friday 20 Nov 1925


5 Jul 2015

Julie Cowell Partner(s) Other Children

Julie Cowell Children

Michael Bailey

born 1946, age 72 (approx.)
with Bertram Scrase

Tony Scrase

born 1950, age 67
with Bertram Scrase

Stephen Cowell

born 1958, died 1958, age under a year old (approx.)
with Eric Cowell

Simon Cowell

born 1959, age 58
with Eric Cowell

Music Mogul and TV Producer

Nicholas Cowell

born 1961, age 57 (approx.)
with Eric Cowell

Anthony Cowell

born 1948, age 70 (approx.)
step-child with Eric Cowell

June Cowell

born 1950, age 68 (approx.)
step-child with Eric Cowell


Julie Cowell Family

Julie Cowell's parents:

Julie Cowell's father was Robert Dalglish Julie Cowell's mother was Winifred Dalglish

Julie Cowell's children:

Julie Cowell's son is Simon Cowell Julie Cowell's son is Michael Bailey Julie Cowell's son is Tony Scrase Julie Cowell's son was Stephen Cowell Julie Cowell's son is Nicholas Cowell Julie Cowell's step-son is Anthony Cowell Julie Cowell's step-daughter is June Cowell

Julie Cowell's current partners:

Julie Cowell's husband was Eric Cowell

Julie Cowell's former partners:

Julie Cowell had a relationship with Bertram Scrase

Julie Cowell's grandparents:

Julie Cowell's grandfather was Peter Banks Julie Cowell's grandmother was Edith Banks

Julie Cowell's grandchildren:

Julie Cowell's grandson is Eric Cowell

Julie Cowell's in laws:

Julie Cowell's father in law was Joseph Cowell Julie Cowell's mother in law is Esther Cowell Julie Cowell's grandfather in law was Joseph Allerton Cowell Julie Cowell's grandmother in law was Nancy Cowell Julie Cowell's grandfather in law is Gabriel Malinsky Julie Cowell's grandmother in law is Annie Malinsky Julie Cowell's brother in law is Elias Cowell Julie Cowell's daughter in law is Katie Cowell