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Simon Cohen
Partner of 
Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen

Simon Cohen



Simon Cohen
Bio Details

Full name

Simon Cohen



Date of death:


After his daughter announced that she was marrying a christian he refused to have anything more to do with her and never saw his grandchildren.

Partners of 
Simon Cohen

Pese Cohen


2 children together

Feb 1946

Simon Cohen Children

Edwina Currie

born 1946, age 71
with Pese Cohen

Politician turned 'bonkbuster' novelist

Henry Cohen

born 1949, age 69 (approx.)
with Pese Cohen

Simon Cohen Partner(s) Other Children


Simon Cohen Family

Simon Cohen's children:

Simon Cohen's daughter is Edwina Currie Simon Cohen's son is Henry Cohen

Simon Cohen's current partners:

Simon Cohen's wife was Pese Cohen

Simon Cohen's grandchildren:

Simon Cohen's granddaughter is Debbie Currie Simon Cohen's granddaughter is Susie Currie

Simon Cohen's great grandchildren:

Simon Cohen's great granddaughter is Zoe Currie

Simon Cohen's in laws:

Simon Cohen's son in law is John Jones

Simon Cohen's former in laws:

Simon Cohen's former son in law is Ray Currie