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Christian Bale
Partners of 
Christian Bale

Hollywood Star 
Christian Bale

Christian Charles Philip Bale




Wednesday 30 Jan 1974

Christian Bale
Bio Details

Full name

Christian Charles Philip Bale





Date of birth

Wednesday 30 Jan 1974

Birth place

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK



Child Actor

His first major movie success was with Empire of The Sun when he was just 13 years old.  Steven Spielberg selected him from 4000 hopefuls for the part of Jim Graham and his performance earned him the Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture and the National Board of Review Award for Outstanding Juvenile Performance
Leonardo DiCaprio was originally interested in the lead role for American Psycho
Lost 60lbs for his role in The Machinist by eating only an apple and a latte a day.


2011 - Best Supporting Actor - The Fighter

Golden Globes

2011 - Best Supporting Actor - The Fighter
2019 - Best Actor in a musical / comedy - Vice

Christian Bale Siblings

Erin Bale Kreunen


other parent: Sandra Bale

Sharon Bale


Louise Bale


Partners of 
Christian Bale

Sibi Blazic


2 children together

29 Jan 2000

Anna Friel


dated from about 1999
until about 1999

Winona Ryder


relationship began about 1994
until about 1994

Drew Barrymore

First Date

1987 - 1987

Christian Bale Children

Emmeline Bale

born 2005, age 13
with Sibi Blazic

Joseph Bale

born 2014, age 3 (approx.)
with Sibi Blazic

Christian Bale Partner(s) Other Children


Christian Bale Family

Christian Bale's parents:

Christian Bale's step-mother is Gloria Steinem Christian Bale's father was David Bale Christian Bale's mother is Jenny Bale

Christian Bale's former step-parents:

Christian Bale's former step-mother is Sandra Bale

Christian Bale's children:

Christian Bale's daughter is Emmeline Bale Christian Bale's son is Joseph Bale

Christian Bale's current partners:

Christian Bale's wife is Sibi Blazic

Christian Bale's former partners:

Christian Bale had a relationship with Winona Ryder Christian Bale dated Anna Friel

Christian Bale's siblings:

Christian Bale's half-sister is Erin Bale Kreunen Christian Bale's sister is Sharon Bale Christian Bale's sister is Louise Bale

Christian Bale's grandparents:

Christian Bale's grandmother is Edna James Christian Bale's grandfather is Philip Bale Christian Bale's grandmother was Doreen Bale

Christian Bale's step-grandparents:

Christian Bale's step-grandfather is Leo Steinem Christian Bale's step-grandmother is Ruth Steinem

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