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Roy Rogers
Partners of 
Roy Rogers

The Singing Cowboy
Roy Rogers

Leonard Franklin Slye




Sunday 05 Nov 1911


6 Jul 1998

Roy Rogers
Bio Details

Full name

Leonard Franklin Slye

Also known as

King Of Cowboys

Dick Weston

Len Slye





Date of birth

Sunday 05 Nov 1911

Birth place

412 Second Street, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Date of death:

6 Jul 1998

Place of death

At his home in Apple Valley, California, USA

Cause of death

Congestive heart failure




Change his name legally to Roy Rogers in 1941 after using it as a stage name for three years. It was the name of his dentist in Ohio.

Roy Rogers Siblings

Cleda Willoughby


Mary Moreland


Kathleen Cox


Partners of 
Roy Rogers

Dale Evans


5 children together

31 Dec 1947

Arline Rogers


3 children together

11 Jun 1936

Lucile Ascolese


married 8 May 1933
divorce circa Jul 1935

Roy Rogers Children

Linda Johnson

born 1943, age 75
with Arline Rogers

Roy Rogers Jr

born 1946, age 71
with Arline Rogers

Robin Rogers

born 1950, died 1952, age 1
with Dale Evans

Cheryl Rose

born 1940 (bef.), age 78 (bef.)
adopted with Arline Rogers

Sandy Rogers

born 1947, died 1965, age 18
adopted with Dale Evans

Debbie Rogers

born 1952, died 1964, age 12 (approx.)
adopted with Dale Evans

Dodie Rogers

born 1952, age 66 (approx.)
adopted with Dale Evans

Marion Eaton

born 1941, age 77 (approx.)
fostered with Dale Evans

Tom Fox

born 1928, age 90 (approx.)
step-child with Dale Evans

Roy Rogers Partner(s) Other Children


Roy Rogers Family

Roy Rogers's parents:

Roy Rogers's father was Andrew Slye Roy Rogers's mother was Mattie Slye

Roy Rogers's children:

Roy Rogers's daughter is Linda Johnson Roy Rogers's son is Roy Rogers Jr Roy Rogers's daughter was Robin Rogers Roy Rogers's step-son is Tom Fox Roy Rogers's adopted daughter is Cheryl Rose Roy Rogers's adopted son was Sandy Rogers Roy Rogers's adopted daughter was Debbie Rogers Roy Rogers's adopted son is Dodie Rogers Roy Rogers's foster daughter is Marion Eaton

Roy Rogers's current partners:

Roy Rogers's wife was Dale Evans Roy Rogers's wife was Arline Rogers

Roy Rogers's former partners:

Roy Rogers's former wife is Lucile Ascolese

Roy Rogers's siblings:

Roy Rogers's sister was Cleda Willoughby Roy Rogers's sister was Mary Moreland Roy Rogers's sister is Kathleen Cox

Roy Rogers's grandparents:

Roy Rogers's grandfather was Archer Womack Roy Rogers's grandmother was Patty Womack Roy Rogers's grandfather is Father-of-Andy Slye

Roy Rogers's grandchildren:

Roy Rogers's granddaughter is Sherry Johnson Roy Rogers's grandson is Robin Johnson Roy Rogers's grandson is Dustin Rogers Roy Rogers's adopted granddaughter is Elizabeth Ann Rose Roy Rogers's adopted grandson is Brian Rose Roy Rogers's adopted granddaughter is Kimberly Rose Roy Rogers's adopted grandson is Mark Rose

Roy Rogers's uncles and aunts:

Roy Rogers's uncle is William Slye Roy Rogers's uncle is David T Slye Roy Rogers's aunt-by-marriage was Lulu Slye

Roy Rogers's in laws:

Roy Rogers's father in law was Walter Smith Roy Rogers's mother in law was Betty Sue Smith Roy Rogers's brother in law was Hillman Smith Roy Rogers's sister in law-by-marriage is Dennie Smith Roy Rogers's father in law is Prentice D Wilkins Roy Rogers's mother in law is Lucy Wilkins Roy Rogers's son in law is Gary Johnson Roy Rogers's son in law is Linda Rogers

Roy Rogers's former in laws:

Roy Rogers's former father in law is Joe Ascolese Roy Rogers's former mother in law is Vinchinea Ascolese

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