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Partners of 
Isadora Duncan
Isadora Duncan

Partners of 
Isadora Duncan

Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin


married 2 May 1922
divorce before May 1923

Walter Rummel


relationship began about 1919
until about 1920

William de Wendt de Kerlor


affair from circa 1919

Mercedes de Acosta


relationship began 1917

Romano Romanelli

Alleged Affair

1 child together

1914 - 1914

Paris Eugene Singer


1 child together

affair from about 1905

Edward Craig


1 child together

relationship began circa 1904

Oscar Beregi


dated from 1902

Victor Seroff


Mary Estelle Dempsey

Close Friendship

Isadora Duncan
Bio Details

Full name

Angela Isadora Duncan

Also known as

Mother Of Modern Dance





Date of birth

Monday 27 May 1878

Birth place

San Francisco, California, USA

Date of death:

12 Sep 1927

Place of death


Cause of death

Her neck was broken by enormous silk scarf she was wearing caught in the wheel of her open car.



Dance School Owner

Dance Teacher

Known for her pioneering work in expressive and modern dance.
Started teaching dance to other chidlren when she was just 6 years old.  At 10 she left school to run her growing dance classes which included teaching adults.
After her first public appearances in America had made little impact on the public, she left for England in 1899 with her sister, Elizabeth, her brother, Raymond, and her mother where, she studied Greek sculpture at the British Museum.  This inspired her dance style and costume -- adopting the Greek tunic and dancing barefoot she won over audiences with her free movement and flesh revealing costumes.
She vowed never to marry and had two children out of wedlock who sadly died together when their car rolled into the river Seine in 1913.  She did marry  Russian poet Sergei Yesenin in order that he be allowed to travel with her during her tours.  
Wrote her Autobiograpjhy, My Life, in 1927, the year of her death caused by her scarf getting caught in the wheels of her open car and breaking her neck.  Her last words were "Adieu, mes amis. Je vais á la gloire" which when translated means "Farewell, my friends. I am going to glory!"

Isadora Duncan Siblings

Elizabeth Duncan


Raymond Duncan


Augustin Duncan


Modern Dance Pioneer
Isadora Duncan

Angela Isadora Duncan




Monday 27 May 1878


12 Sep 1927

Isadora Duncan Partner(s) Other Children

Isadora Duncan Children

Deirdre Craig

born 1906, died 1913, age 6
with Edward Craig

Daughter of Dancer Isadora Duncan

Patrick Singer

born 1910, died 1913, age 2
with Paris Eugene Singer

Son of Dancer Isadora Duncan


born 1914, died 1914, age 0 days
with Romano Romanelli


Isadora Duncan Family

Isadora Duncan's parents:

Isadora Duncan's father is Charles Duncan Isadora Duncan's mother is Dora Gray, Mary Duncan

Isadora Duncan's children:

Isadora Duncan's daughter was Deirdre Craig Isadora Duncan's son was Patrick Singer

Isadora Duncan's current partners:

Isadora Duncan had an affair with William de Wendt de Kerlor Isadora Duncan had an affair with Paris Eugene Singer Isadora Duncan had a close friendship with Mary Estelle Dempsey

Isadora Duncan's former partners:

Isadora Duncan's former husband was Sergey Aleksandrovich Yesenin Isadora Duncan had a relationship with Walter Rummel Isadora Duncan had a relationship with Mercedes de Acosta Isadora Duncan allegedly had an affair with Romano Romanelli Isadora Duncan had a relationship with Edward Craig Isadora Duncan dated Oscar Beregi Isadora Duncan had a relationship with Victor Seroff

Isadora Duncan's siblings:

Isadora Duncan's sister is Elizabeth Duncan Isadora Duncan's brother is Raymond Duncan Isadora Duncan's brother was Augustin Duncan

Isadora Duncan's former in laws:

Isadora Duncan's former father in law was Alexander Yesenin Isadora Duncan's former mother in law was Tatyana Feodorovna Yesenina Isadora Duncan's former sister in law is Ekaterina Yesenina