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Antony Perkins
Partners of 
Antony Perkins

Played Norman Bates in Psycho.
Antony Perkins

Antony Perkins




Monday 04 Apr 1932


12 Sep 1992

Antony Perkins
Bio Details

Full name

Antony Perkins





Date of birth

Monday 04 Apr 1932

Birth place

New York City, New York, USA

Date of death:

12 Sep 1992

Place of death

Hollywood, California, USA

Cause of death

AIDS related pneumonia

Partners of 
Antony Perkins

Victoria Principal

Brief Fling

brief fling from circa 1981

Berry Berenson Perkins


2 children together


Paul Newman


Antony Perkins Children

Oz Perkins

born 1974, age 44
with Berry Berenson Perkins

Elvis Perkins

born 1976, age 42
with Berry Berenson Perkins

Antony Perkins Partner(s) Other Children


Antony Perkins Family

Antony Perkins's parents:

Antony Perkins's father was Osgood Perkins Antony Perkins's mother is Janet Perkins

Antony Perkins's children:

Antony Perkins's son is Oz Perkins Antony Perkins's son is Elvis Perkins

Antony Perkins's current partners:

Antony Perkins's wife was Berry Berenson Perkins Antony Perkins had a brief fling with Victoria Principal

Antony Perkins's former partners:

Antony Perkins had an affair with Paul Newman

Antony Perkins's in laws:

Antony Perkins's grandmother in law was Elsa Schiaparelli Antony Perkins's sister in law is Marisa Berenson Antony Perkins's mother in law is Gogo Schiaparelli Antony Perkins's father in law was Robert Berenson Antony Perkins's step-father in law is Gino Cacciapuoti Di Giugliano Antony Perkins's grandfather in law is James Berenson Antony Perkins's grandfather in law was William De Wendt De Kerlor