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Partners of 
Rose Hovick
Rose Hovick

Partners of 
Rose Hovick

Judson Brennerman


26 May 1916

John Hovick


2 children together

married before 1911

Rose Hovick
Bio Details

Full name

Rose Elizabeth Hovick

Maiden name

Rose Elizabeth Thompson





Date of birth

Sunday 31 Aug 1890

Birth place

Wahpeton, Richland County, North Dakota, USA

Date of death:

28 Jan 1954

Place of death

Nyack, Rockland County, New York, USA

Cause of death

Colorectal cancer

An article in the Orangetown Telegram of 4 Feb 1954 (headlined "Woman Dies in Nyack Ambulance") reported that Mrs Rose E Hovick Thompson mother of Gypsy Rose Lee and June Havoc died last Thursday (28th Jan) in the Nyack Community Ambulance. She had suffered a stroke two weeks previously.
The paper goes not to say that she was buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Gypsy and June apparently left the grave unmarked.
It has been rumoured that Rose committed two murders. One of a hotel manager that threatened to throw her out of his hotel for over filling the room with people. The rumour was that she threw him out of the window. The second rumour was a fatal gunshot to a lady boarding in her house. A house bought by Gypsy Rose and used a a lesbian boarding house. The lady was rumoured to be Rose's lover who flirted with Gypsy Rose Lee. 
The Ultimate Showbiz Mother
Rose Hovick

Rose Elizabeth Hovick




Sunday 31 Aug 1890


28 Jan 1954

Rose Hovick Partner(s) Other Children

Rose Hovick Children

Gypsy Rose Lee

born 1911, died 1970, age 59
with John Hovick

World's Most Famous Stripper

June Havoc

born 1912, died 2010, age 97
with John Hovick


Rose Hovick Family

Rose Hovick's parents:

Rose Hovick's father is Charles Thompson Rose Hovick's mother is Anna Thompson

Rose Hovick's children:

Rose Hovick's daughter was Gypsy Rose Lee Rose Hovick's daughter was June Havoc

Rose Hovick's current partners:

Rose Hovick's husband was Judson Brennerman

Rose Hovick's former partners:

Rose Hovick's former husband is John Hovick

Rose Hovick's grandchildren:

Rose Hovick's grandson is Erik Lee Preminger

Rose Hovick's in laws:

Rose Hovick's son in law is Bobby Reed

Rose Hovick's former in laws:

Rose Hovick's former son in law was Julio de Diego Rose Hovick's former son in law was Alexander Kirkland Rose Hovick's former son in law is Robert Mizzy