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John Hovick
Partner of 
John Hovick

John Hovick

John Olaf Hovick

John Hovick
Bio Details

Full name

John Olaf Hovick




Newspaper Advertising Salesman

Newspaper Reporter

Partners of 
John Hovick

Rose Hovick


2 children together

married before 1911

John Hovick Children

Gypsy Rose Lee

born 1911, died 1970, age 59
with Rose Hovick

World's Most Famous Stripper

June Havoc

born 1912, died 2010, age 97
with Rose Hovick

John Hovick Partner(s) Other Children


John Hovick Family

John Hovick's children:

John Hovick's daughter was Gypsy Rose Lee John Hovick's daughter was June Havoc

John Hovick's former partners:

John Hovick's former wife was Rose Hovick

John Hovick's grandchildren:

John Hovick's grandson is Erik Lee Preminger

John Hovick's in laws:

John Hovick's son in law is Bobby Reed

John Hovick's former in laws:

John Hovick's former son in law was Julio de Diego John Hovick's former son in law was Alexander Kirkland John Hovick's former father in law is Charles Thompson John Hovick's former mother in law is Anna Thompson John Hovick's former son in law is Robert Mizzy