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Partners of 
Anna Massey
Anna Massey

Partners of 
Anna Massey

Uri Andres


1988 - 2011

Jeremy Brett


1 child together

married 1958
divorce 1962

Anna Massey
Bio Details

Full name

Anna Massey

Also known as

Anna Huggins





Date of birth

Wednesday 11 Aug 1937

Birth place

Thakeham, Sussex, England

Date of death:

3 Jul 2011

Place of death

London, England


Actress (Finished 2011)

Holmes from home

Both Anna Massey's father and husband played Sherlock Holmes - her fathers was the performance in the first 'talkie' film version.  Her husband, Jeremy Brett, is considered by some to be the definitive Holmes.

Anna Massey Siblings

Daniel Massey


British Actress
Anna Massey

Anna Massey




Wednesday 11 Aug 1937


3 Jul 2011

Anna Massey Partner(s) Other Children

Anna Massey Children

David Huggins

born 1960, age 58 (approx.)
with Jeremy Brett


Anna Massey Family

Anna Massey's parents:

Anna Massey's father was Raymond Massey Anna Massey's mother was Adrianne Allen

Anna Massey's former step-parents:

Anna Massey's former step-mother was Dorothy Massey

Anna Massey's children:

Anna Massey's son is David Huggins

Anna Massey's former partners:

Anna Massey's former husband was Jeremy Brett Anna Massey's former husband is Uri Andres

Anna Massey's siblings:

Anna Massey's brother was Daniel Massey

Anna Massey's nieces and nephews:

Anna Massey's nephew is Paul Massey Anna Massey's niece is Alice Hall

Anna Massey's grandparents:

Anna Massey's grandfather was Chester Massey Anna Massey's grandmother was Anna Massey

Anna Massey's great grandparents:

Anna Massey's great grandfather was John Himrod Vincent Anna Massey's great grandmother was Anna Vincent

Anna Massey's former in laws:

Anna Massey's former father in law was Henry Huggins Anna Massey's former mother in law was Elizabeth Huggins

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