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Tirath  Lalvani
Partner of 
Tirath Lalvani

Tirath  Lalvani

Tirath Singh Lalvani

Tirath Lalvani
Bio Details

Full name

Tirath Singh Lalvani





Got his start in business by selling medicines to King George VI’s soldiers in Karachi.
Was a refugee from Pakistan and started a small business in Bombay in 1948 making laxative tablets under the name of Castophene Manufacturing Co.

Partners of 
Tirath Lalvani

Sardarni Dharamkaur


5 children together

Tirath Lalvani Children

Partap Lalvani

with Sardarni Dharamkaur

Bina Lalvani

with Sardarni Dharamkaur

Mohini Bawa

with Sardarni Dharamkaur

Kartar Lalvani

born 1931, age 87 (approx.)
with Sardarni Dharamkaur

Gulu Lalvani

born 1939, age 79 (approx.)
with Sardarni Dharamkaur

Electronics tycoon

Tirath Lalvani Partner(s) Other Children


Tirath Lalvani Family

Tirath Lalvani's children:

Tirath Lalvani's son is Gulu Lalvani Tirath Lalvani's son is Partap Lalvani Tirath Lalvani's daughter is Bina Lalvani Tirath Lalvani's daughter is Mohini Bawa Tirath Lalvani's son is Kartar Lalvani

Tirath Lalvani's grandchildren:

Tirath Lalvani's grandson is Anish Lalvani Tirath Lalvani's grandson is Tej Lalvani Tirath Lalvani's grandson is Ajit Lalvani Tirath Lalvani's grandson is Dino Lalvani Tirath Lalvani's granddaughter is Divia Lalvani

Tirath Lalvani's in laws:

Tirath Lalvani's son in law is Surinder Singh Bawa

Tirath Lalvani's former in laws:

Tirath Lalvani's former daughter in law was Vimla Lalvani