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Tiny Rowland
Partner of 
Tiny Rowland

Chief Executive of Lonrho
Tiny Rowland

Roland Walter Rowland




Tuesday 27 Nov 1917


25 Jul 1998

Tiny Rowland
Bio Details

Full name

Roland Walter Rowland

Maiden name

Roland Walter Fuhrhop





Date of birth

Tuesday 27 Nov 1917

Birth place

British internment camp, Simla, India

Date of death:

25 Jul 1998

Place of death

The London Clinic, London, England, UK

Cause of death



Heinrich Herz Real Gymnasium, Hamburg, Germany

Churcher's College, Petersfield, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

Took his uncle's surname Rowland on his 22nd birthday.

Partners of 
Tiny Rowland

Josie Rowland


4 children together

Tiny Rowland Children

Louisa Rowland

with Josie Rowland

Plum Rowland

with Josie Rowland

Toby Rowland

born 1969, age 49 (approx.)
with Josie Rowland

Anda Rowland

born 1971, age 47 (approx.)
with Josie Rowland

Tiny Rowland Partner(s) Other Children


Tiny Rowland Family

Tiny Rowland's parents:

Tiny Rowland's father was William Rowland Tiny Rowland's mother was Muriel Fuhrhop

Tiny Rowland's children:

Tiny Rowland's daughter is Louisa Rowland Tiny Rowland's daughter is Plum Rowland Tiny Rowland's son is Toby Rowland Tiny Rowland's daughter is Anda Rowland

Tiny Rowland's current partners:

Tiny Rowland's wife was Josie Rowland

Tiny Rowland's grandchildren:

Tiny Rowland's granddaughter is Ursula Rowland Tiny Rowland's granddaughter is Tess Rowland

Tiny Rowland's in laws:

Tiny Rowland's father in law is Lionel Taylor Tiny Rowland's daughter in law is Plum Sykes