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Leonard Nimoy
Partners of 
Leonard Nimoy

Played Spock in Star Trek
Leonard Nimoy

Leonard Simon Nimoy




Thursday 26 Mar 1931


27 Feb 2015

Leonard Nimoy
Bio Details

Full name

Leonard Simon Nimoy





Date of birth

Thursday 26 Mar 1931

Birth place

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date of death:

27 Feb 2015

Place of death

At his home, Bel-Air, Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

End-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Partners of 
Leonard Nimoy

Susan Bay Nimoy


1 Jan 1989

Sandi Nimoy


2 children together

married 21 Feb 1954
divorce 1987

Leonard Nimoy Children

Julie Nimoy

born 1955, age 63 (approx.)
with Sandi Nimoy

Adam Nimoy

born 1956, age 62
with Sandi Nimoy

Aaron Bay-Schuck

born 1982, age 36 (approx.)
step-child with Susan Bay Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy Partner(s) Other Children


Autobiography Title

I Am Not Spock

Leonard Nimoy Family

Leonard Nimoy's parents:

Leonard Nimoy's father was Max Nimoy Leonard Nimoy's mother was Dora Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's children:

Leonard Nimoy's daughter is Julie Nimoy Leonard Nimoy's son is Adam Nimoy Leonard Nimoy's step-son is Aaron Bay-Schuck

Leonard Nimoy's current partners:

Leonard Nimoy's wife was Susan Bay Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's former partners:

Leonard Nimoy's former wife was Sandi Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's grandchildren:

Leonard Nimoy's grandson is Alex Schwartz Leonard Nimoy's granddaughter is Dani Schwartz Leonard Nimoy's grandson is Spencer Schwartz Leonard Nimoy's granddaughter is Morgan Leonard Nimoy's granddaughter is Madeline Nimoy Leonard Nimoy's grandson is Jonah Nimoy

Leonard Nimoy's in laws:

Leonard Nimoy's son in law is David Knight Leonard Nimoy's daughter in law is Terry Farrell

Leonard Nimoy's former in laws:

Leonard Nimoy's former son in law is Gregory Schwartz Leonard Nimoy's former daughter in law is Nancy Nimoy

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