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Tony Booth
Partners of 
Tony Booth

Actor father-in-law of Tony Blair
Tony Booth

Antony George Booth




Friday 09 Oct 1931


25 Sep 2017

Tony Booth
Bio Details

Full name

Antony George Booth

Maiden name

Anthony George Booth





Date of birth

Friday 09 Oct 1931

Birth place

Liverpool, Merseyside, England, UK

Date of death:

25 Sep 2017



Tony Booth Siblings

Audrey Grey


Robert Booth


Partners of 
Tony Booth

Stephenie Booth


2 Oct 1998

Nancy Jaeger


1 child together

married 1988
divorce Nov 1995

Pat Phoenix


10 Sep 1986

Ann Gannon


1 child together

relationship began 1966
until 1966

Susie Riley


2 children together

relationship began about 1965
until about 1979

Julie Allan


2 children together

relationship began 1961
until about 1969

Gale Booth


2 children together

married about Feb 1954
divorce 1963

Tony Booth Children

Cherie Blair

born 1954, age 63
with Gale Booth

Wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Lyndsey Booth

born 1956, age 61 (approx.)
with Gale Booth

Jenia Booth

born 1963, age 55 (approx.)
with Julie Allan

Bronwen Booth

born 1964, age 54
with Julie Allan

Lucy Thomas

born 1967, age 51
with Ann Gannon

Cherie Blair's "unknown" half-sister

Lauren Booth

born 1967, age 50
with Susie Riley

Journalist and Cherie Blair's Half Sister

Emma Booth

born 1970, age 48 (approx.)
with Susie Riley

Cherie Blair's half sister.

Joanna Booth

born 1989, age 28
with Nancy Jaeger

Cherie Blair's half-sister

Tony Booth Partner(s) Other Children


Tony Booth Family

Tony Booth's parents:

Tony Booth's father was George Booth Tony Booth's mother was Vera Booth

Tony Booth's children:

Tony Booth's daughter is Cherie Blair Tony Booth's daughter is Lyndsey Booth Tony Booth's daughter is Lucy Thomas Tony Booth's daughter is Emma Booth Tony Booth's daughter is Joanna Booth Tony Booth's daughter is Jenia Booth Tony Booth's daughter is Bronwen Booth Tony Booth's daughter is Lauren Booth

Tony Booth's current partners:

Tony Booth's wife was Pat Phoenix Tony Booth's wife was Stephenie Booth

Tony Booth's former partners:

Tony Booth's former wife was Gale Booth Tony Booth's former wife is Nancy Jaeger Tony Booth had a relationship with Ann Gannon Tony Booth had a relationship with Susie Riley Tony Booth had a relationship with Julie Allan

Tony Booth's siblings:

Tony Booth's sister was Audrey Grey Tony Booth's brother is Robert Booth

Tony Booth's grandparents:

Tony Booth's grandfather was Robert Thompson Tony Booth's grandmother was Till Thompson Tony Booth's grandfather was Sydney Booth Tony Booth's grandmother was Jane Booth

Tony Booth's grandchildren:

Tony Booth's grandson is Euan Blair Tony Booth's grandson is Nicky Blair Tony Booth's granddaughter is Kathryn Blair Tony Booth's grandson is Leo Blair

Tony Booth's great grandchildren:

Tony Booth's great granddaughter is Iris Blair

Tony Booth's uncles and aunts:

Tony Booth's uncle was Edgar Thompson Tony Booth's uncle was Bill Thompson

Tony Booth's in laws:

Tony Booth's son in law is Tony Blair Tony Booth's mother in law is Blanche Tony Booth's son in law is Christopher Tavener

Tony Booth's former in laws:

Tony Booth's former father in law is Jack Smith Tony Booth's former mother in law was Hannah Smith Tony Booth's former step-mother in law is Mabel Smith Tony Booth's former grandfather in law was Benjamin Meer Tony Booth's former grandmother in law was Emma Meer

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