Married and divorced twice Relationship facts

Married 26 Dec 1957

Divorce 27 Apr 1962

Married the second time from 16 Jun 1972

Robert Wagner

Robert John Wagner Jr




Monday 10 Feb 1930

Other Partners

Jill St. John


26 May 1990

Marion Marshall


1 child together

married 21 Jul 1963
divorce 14 Oct 1971

Professional Partners

Robert Wagner Siblings

Mary Lou Wagner


Other Partners

Richard Gregson


1 child together

married 30 May 1969
divorce 12 Apr 1972

Warren Beatty


relationship began about 1962

Dennis Hopper

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from about 1955
until about 1955

Nicholas Ray


affair from about 1955
until about 1955

Paul Newman


Tom Courtenay

Alleged Romance

Adam West


Professional Partners

Natalie Wood Siblings

Lana Wood


Hollywood Actress
Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood




Wednesday 20 Jul 1938


29 Nov 1981

His Other Children

Katie Wagner

born 1964, age 54
with Marion Marshall

Children Together

Courtney Wagner

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)

Her Other Children

Natasha Gregson Wagner

born 1970, age 47
with Richard Gregson

Daughter of Natalie Wood

Robert Wagner
Bio Details


Robert Wagner Family

Robert Wagner's parents:

Robert Wagner's father was Bob Wagner Sr Robert Wagner's mother is Chat Wagner

Robert Wagner's former step-parents:

Robert Wagner's former step-mother was Rhea Dorwan

Robert Wagner's children:

Robert Wagner's daughter is Katie Wagner Robert Wagner's daughter is Courtney Wagner

Robert Wagner's current partners:

Robert Wagner's wife is Jill St. John

Robert Wagner's former partners:

Robert Wagner's former wife was Natalie Wood Robert Wagner's former wife is Marion Marshall

Robert Wagner's siblings:

Robert Wagner's sister is Mary Lou Wagner

Robert Wagner's grandparents:

Robert Wagner's grandfather is Mathias Wagner Robert Wagner's grandmother is Louise Wagner

Robert Wagner's former step-grandparents:

Robert Wagner's former step-grandfather is John Dorwan Robert Wagner's former step-grandmother is Mary Conyer

Robert Wagner's grandchildren:

Robert Wagner's grandson is Riley Wagner-Lewis

Robert Wagner's in laws:

Robert Wagner's father in law is Edward Oppenheim Robert Wagner's mother in law is Betty Oppenheim Robert Wagner's son in law is Leif Lewis

Robert Wagner's former in laws:

Robert Wagner's former sister in law is Lana Wood Robert Wagner's former father in law is Nikolai Gurdin Robert Wagner's former mother in law was Maria Gurdin Robert Wagner's former grandfather in law was Stepan Zacharenko Robert Wagner's former grandmother in law is Eudoxie Sauchenko Robert Wagner's former grandfather in law is Stepan Zudilov Robert Wagner's former grandmother in law is Maria Kuleva

Natalie Wood
Bio Details

Full name

Natalie Wood

Also known as

Natalie Nikolaevna Zacharenko

Natalie Gurdin





Date of birth

Wednesday 20 Jul 1938

Birth place

San Francisco, California, USA

Date of death:

29 Nov 1981

Place of death

Near Santa Catalina Island, California, USA

Cause of death




Child Actress


Natalie Wood Family

Natalie Wood's parents:

Natalie Wood's father is Nikolai Gurdin Natalie Wood's mother was Maria Gurdin

Natalie Wood's children:

Natalie Wood's daughter is Natasha Gregson Wagner Natalie Wood's daughter is Courtney Wagner

Natalie Wood's former partners:

Natalie Wood had a relationship with Warren Beatty Natalie Wood had a brief liaison with Dennis Hopper Natalie Wood had an affair with Paul Newman Natalie Wood dated Robert Vaughn Natalie Wood allegedly had a romance with Tom Courtenay Natalie Wood had an affair with Nicholas Ray Natalie Wood dated Adam West Natalie Wood's former husband is Robert Wagner Natalie Wood's former husband is Richard Gregson

Natalie Wood's siblings:

Natalie Wood's sister is Lana Wood

Natalie Wood's nieces and nephews:

Natalie Wood's niece is Evan Moldano

Natalie Wood's grand nieces and grand nephews:

Natalie Wood's great nephew is Nicholas Moldano Natalie Wood's great niece is Daphne Moldano Natalie Wood's great nephew is Max Moldano

Natalie Wood's grandparents:

Natalie Wood's grandfather is Stepan Zudilov Natalie Wood's grandmother is Maria Kuleva Natalie Wood's grandfather was Stepan Zacharenko Natalie Wood's grandmother is Eudoxie Sauchenko

Natalie Wood's grandchildren:

Natalie Wood's granddaughter is Clover Watson

Natalie Wood's in laws:

Natalie Wood's son in law is Barry Watson

Natalie Wood's former in laws:

Natalie Wood's former brother in law is Michael Craig Natalie Wood's former father in law was Bob Wagner Sr Natalie Wood's former mother in law is Chat Wagner Natalie Wood's former grandfather in law is Mathias Wagner Natalie Wood's former grandmother in law is Louise Wagner Natalie Wood's former sister in law is Mary Lou Wagner Natalie Wood's former father in law is Donald Gregson Natalie Wood's former son in law is D V DeVincentis

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