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George Lazenby
Partners of 
George Lazenby

Former James Bond Actor
George Lazenby

George Robert Lazenby




Tuesday 05 Sep 1939

George Lazenby
Bio Details

Full name

George Robert Lazenby





Date of birth

Tuesday 05 Sep 1939

Birth place

Ovada Private Hospital, Goulburn, NSW, Australia


Ski Instructor (Finished 1965 (bef.))

Car Salesperson (Finished 1965 (bef.))

Mechanic (Finished 1965 (bef.))

Actor (1965)

Model (1967)


Goulburn Public School, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

Goulburn High School, Goulburn, NSW, Australia

University of Durham, College of St Hild and St Bede, Durham, County Durham, England, United Kingdom (1970)

George Lazenby Siblings

Barbara Varga


Partners of 
George Lazenby

Pam Shriver


3 children together

married 2002
divorce Aug 2008

Christina Master


2 children together

married 23 Aug 1973
divorce 1994

Belinda Fingleton


relationship began before 1964
until after 1964

Sandra Graham

Broken Engagement

engaged from 30 Sep 1961
until before 1964

George Lazenby Children

Melanie Lazenby

born 1973, age 44
with Christina Master

Zachary Lazenby

born 1974, died 1994, age 19 (approx.)
with Christina Master

George Lazenby Jr.

born 2004, age 13
with Pam Shriver

Kate Lazenby

born 2005, age 12
with Pam Shriver

Sam Lazenby

born 2005, age 12
with Pam Shriver

George Lazenby Partner(s) Other Children


George Lazenby Family

George Lazenby's parents:

George Lazenby's father is George Lazenby George Lazenby's mother is Joan Lazenby

George Lazenby's children:

George Lazenby's daughter is Melanie Lazenby George Lazenby's son was Zachary Lazenby George Lazenby's son is George Lazenby Jr. George Lazenby's daughter is Kate Lazenby George Lazenby's son is Sam Lazenby

George Lazenby's former partners:

George Lazenby's former wife is Pam Shriver George Lazenby's former wife is Christina Master George Lazenby had a relationship with Belinda Fingleton George Lazenby is the former fiance of Sandra Graham

George Lazenby's siblings:

George Lazenby's sister is Barbara Varga

George Lazenby's nieces and nephews:

George Lazenby's nephew is Louis Varga George Lazenby's niece is Georgina Varga

George Lazenby's grandparents:

George Lazenby's grandfather was Samuel Bodel

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