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Partners of 
Julia Corden
Julia Corden

Partners of 
Julia Corden

James Corden


3 children together

15 Sep 2012

Julia Corden
Bio Details

Full name

Julia Corden

Maiden name

Julia Carey



Julia Corden

Julia Corden

Julia Corden Partner(s) Other Children

Julia Corden Children

Max Corden

born 2011, age 7
with James Corden

Carey Corden

born 2014, age 3
with James Corden

Baby Corden

born 2017, age 6 months
with James Corden


Julia Corden Family

Julia Corden's children:

Julia Corden's son is Max Corden Julia Corden's daughter is Carey Corden Julia Corden's daughter is Baby Corden

Julia Corden's current partners:

Julia Corden's husband is James Corden

Julia Corden's in laws:

Julia Corden's father in law is Malcolm Corden Julia Corden's mother in law is Margaret Corden Julia Corden's sister in law is Andrea Henry Julia Corden's sister in law is Ruth Corden