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John Nelson
Partners of 
John Nelson

Father of pop star Prince
John Nelson

John Lewis Nelson




Thursday 29 Jun 1916


25 Aug 2001

John Nelson
Bio Details

Full name

John Lewis Nelson

Also known as

Prince Rogers





Date of birth

Thursday 29 Jun 1916

Birth place

Cotton Valley, Webster Parish, Louisiana, USA

Date of death:

25 Aug 2001

Place of death

Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA


Jazz Musician


John Nelson performed with the band 'Prince Roger Trio' later naming his son Prince Roger.

John Nelson Siblings

Gertrude Banks


Olivia Nelson


Ruby Pullum


James L Nelson


Partners of 
John Nelson

Vivian Nelson


relationship began circa 1957
until circa 1958

Mattie Baker


2 children together

married 1956
divorce 1970

John Nelson Children

Sharon Nelson

born 1940, died 2006, age 66 (approx.)
with Vivian Nelson

Norrine Nelson

born 1941, age 77 (approx.)
with Vivian Nelson

Lorna Nelson

born 1942, died 2006, age 63
with Vivian Nelson

Half Sister of pop star Prince

John Nelson

born 1944, age 74 (approx.)
with Vivian Nelson


born 1958, died 2016, age 57
with Mattie Baker

Flamboyant American Musician

Duane Nelson

born 1958, died 2011, age 52
with Vivian Nelson

Tyka Phillips

born 1960, age 58 (approx.)
with Mattie Baker

John Nelson Partner(s) Other Children


John Nelson Family

John Nelson's parents:

John Nelson's father was Clarence Nelson John Nelson's mother was Carrie Ikner John Nelson's step-father was Charles Ikner

John Nelson's children:

John Nelson's son was Prince John Nelson's daughter was Sharon Nelson John Nelson's daughter is Norrine Nelson John Nelson's daughter was Lorna Nelson John Nelson's son is John Nelson John Nelson's son was Duane Nelson John Nelson's daughter is Tyka Phillips

John Nelson's former partners:

John Nelson had a relationship with Vivian Nelson John Nelson's former wife was Mattie Baker

John Nelson's siblings:

John Nelson's sister was Gertrude Banks John Nelson's sister was Olivia Nelson John Nelson's sister is Ruby Pullum John Nelson's brother is James L Nelson

John Nelson's grandparents:

John Nelson's grandmother was Dinah Jenkins

John Nelson's grandchildren:

John Nelson's grandson was Amiir Garcia-Nelson John Nelson's grandson was Caspar Nelson John Nelson's grandson is Sir Montece Laeil Nelson John Nelson's grandson is President LenNard Laeil Nelson

John Nelson's great grandchildren:

John Nelson's great granddaughter is Victoria Nelson

John Nelson's in laws:

John Nelson's son in law is Maurice Phillips

John Nelson's former in laws:

John Nelson's former father in law was Frank Shaw John Nelson's former mother in law is Lucille Shaw John Nelson's former grandfather in law is Press Shaw John Nelson's former grandmother in law is Liza Britt John Nelson's former grandfather in law is Walter Barnell John Nelson's former grandmother in law is Kate Hale John Nelson's former sister in law was Renee Collier John Nelson's former daughter in law is Manuela Testonlini