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Bonar Law
Partner of 
Bonar Law

British Prime Minister
23rd Oct 1922 - 20th May 1923
Bonar Law

Rt. Hon Andrew Bonar Law




Thursday 16 Sep 1858


30 Oct 1923

Bonar Law
Bio Details

Full name

Rt. Hon Andrew Bonar Law





Date of birth

Thursday 16 Sep 1858

Birth place

Kingston, Colony of New Brunswick, Canada

Date of death:

30 Oct 1923

Place of death

Kensington, London, England, UK

Cause of death

throat cancer


Prime Minister of Britain and First Lord of the Treasury (1922)


High School of Glasgow, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Partners of 
Bonar Law

Annie Law


6 children together


Bonar Law Children

Isabel Sykes

died 1969
with Annie Law

Catherine Archibald, Baroness Archibald

died 1992
with Annie Law

James Law

born 1893, died 1917, age 24 (approx.)
with Annie Law

Charles Law

born 1897, died 1917, age 20 (approx.)
with Annie Law

Harrington Law

born 1899, died 1958, age 59 (approx.)
with Annie Law

Richard Law, 1st Baron Coleraine

born 1901, died 1980, age 78 (approx.)
with Annie Law

Bonar Law Partner(s) Other Children


Bonar Law Family

Bonar Law's parents:

Bonar Law's father was James Law Bonar Law's mother was Eliza Law

Bonar Law's children:

Bonar Law's daughter was Isabel Sykes Bonar Law's daughter was Catherine Archibald, Baroness Archibald Bonar Law's son was James Law Bonar Law's son was Charles Law Bonar Law's son was Harrington Law Bonar Law's son was Richard Law, 1st Baron Coleraine

Bonar Law's current partners:

Bonar Law's wife was Annie Law

Bonar Law's grandparents:

Bonar Law's grandfather was William Kidson

Bonar Law's in laws:

Bonar Law's father in law was Harrington Robley Bonar Law's mother in law was Isabel Robley

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