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Alphonsus Donnelly
Partner of 
Alphonsus Donnelly

Alphonsus Donnelly

Alphonsus Donnelly



Alphonsus Donnelly
Bio Details

Full name

Alphonsus Donnelly

Also known as

The Fonz



Birth place

Northern Ireland

Date of death:




Alphonsus and his wife Anne came to Newcastle from Ireland in 1958

Partners of 
Alphonsus Donnelly

Anne Donnelly


7 children together

Ended 2011

Alphonsus Donnelly Children

Patricia Donnelly

born 1961, age 57 (approx.)
with Anne Donnelly

Eamon Donnelly

born 1964, age 54 (approx.)
with Anne Donnelly

Martin Donnelly

born 1965, age 53 (approx.)
with Anne Donnelly

Dermott Donnelly

born 1968, age 50 (approx.)
with Anne Donnelly

Moyra Donnelly

born 1969, age 49 (approx.)
with Anne Donnelly

Camalia Donnelly

born 1970, age 48 (approx.)
with Anne Donnelly

Dec Donnelly OBE

born 1975, age 42
with Anne Donnelly

British TV Presenters Ant and Dec

Alphonsus Donnelly Partner(s) Other Children


Alphonsus Donnelly Family

Alphonsus Donnelly's children:

Alphonsus Donnelly's son is Dec Donnelly OBE Alphonsus Donnelly's daughter is Patricia Donnelly Alphonsus Donnelly's son is Eamon Donnelly Alphonsus Donnelly's son is Martin Donnelly Alphonsus Donnelly's son is Dermott Donnelly Alphonsus Donnelly's daughter is Moyra Donnelly Alphonsus Donnelly's daughter is Camalia Donnelly

Alphonsus Donnelly's former partners:

Alphonsus Donnelly's former wife is Anne Donnelly

Alphonsus Donnelly's grandchildren:

Alphonsus Donnelly's granddaughter is Isla Donnelly

Alphonsus Donnelly's in laws:

Alphonsus Donnelly's daughter in law is Ali Astall