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Fred Levine
Partners of 
Fred Levine

Father of Maroon 5's Frontman
Fred Levine

Fredric Levine

Fred Levine
Bio Details

Full name

Fredric Levine




Boutique Owner

Founded the retail chain M. Fredric.

Fred Levine Siblings

Mardi Fox


Partners of 
Fred Levine

Patsy Noah


3 children together

divorce about 1986

Lisa Levine


2 children together

Fred Levine Children

Michael Levine

with Patsy Noah

Brother of Maroon 5 frontman Adam

Julia Levine

with Patsy Noah

Sam Levine

with Lisa Levine

Liza Levine

with Lisa Levine

Adam Levine

born 1979, age 39
with Patsy Noah

Frontman for Maroon 5

Fred Levine Partner(s) Other Children


Fred Levine Family

Fred Levine's children:

Fred Levine's son is Adam Levine Fred Levine's son is Michael Levine Fred Levine's daughter is Julia Levine Fred Levine's son is Sam Levine Fred Levine's daughter is Liza Levine

Fred Levine's current partners:

Fred Levine's wife is Lisa Levine

Fred Levine's former partners:

Fred Levine's former wife is Patsy Noah

Fred Levine's siblings:

Fred Levine's sister is Mardi Fox

Fred Levine's grandchildren:

Fred Levine's granddaughter is Dusty Levine Fred Levine's granddaughter is Gio Levine

Fred Levine's in laws:

Fred Levine's daughter in law is Bahati Prinsloo, Behati Levine

Fred Levine's former in laws:

Fred Levine's former father in law is Robert M Noah Fred Levine's former mother in law is Marian Noah Fred Levine's former brother in law is Peter Noah Fred Levine's former brother in law is Timothy Noah