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Partners of 
Jean Rizzi
Jean Rizzi

Partners of 
Jean Rizzi

Gabriel Rizzi


married about Aug 1970
divorce about 1981

Tony Vorderman


3 children together

married 1947
divorce Jan 1961

Jean Rizzi
Bio Details

Full name

Edwina Jean Rizzi

Maiden name

Edwina Jean Davies

Also known as

Jean Vorderman




89 (approx.)

Date of birth


Date of death:

Jun 2017

Cause of death


Jean Rizzi Siblings

Megan Davies


Carol Vorderman's Mother
Jean Rizzi

Edwina Jean Rizzi


89 (approx.)




Jun 2017

Jean Rizzi Partner(s) Other Children

Jean Rizzi Children

Trixie Vorderman

born 1951, age 67 (approx.)
with Tony Vorderman

Anton Vorderman

born 1953, age 65 (approx.)
with Tony Vorderman

Carol Vorderman

born 1960, age 57
with Tony Vorderman

TV Presenter Former Countdown Mathematician


Jean Rizzi Family

Jean Rizzi's parents:

Jean Rizzi's father is David Davies Jean Rizzi's mother was Jane Davies

Jean Rizzi's children:

Jean Rizzi's daughter is Carol Vorderman Jean Rizzi's daughter is Trixie Vorderman Jean Rizzi's son is Anton Vorderman

Jean Rizzi's former partners:

Jean Rizzi's former husband was Gabriel Rizzi Jean Rizzi's former husband was Tony Vorderman

Jean Rizzi's siblings:

Jean Rizzi's sister is Megan Davies

Jean Rizzi's grandparents:

Jean Rizzi's grandfather was Daniel Davies Jean Rizzi's grandmother was Ann Davies

Jean Rizzi's grandchildren:

Jean Rizzi's granddaughter is Katie King Jean Rizzi's grandson is Cameron King

Jean Rizzi's former in laws:

Jean Rizzi's former father in law is Marius Vorderman Jean Rizzi's former mother in law was Maria Vorderman Jean Rizzi's former grandfather in law was Dr Adolphe Vorderman Jean Rizzi's former grandmother in law was Constantia Vorderman Jean Rizzi's former brother in law is Dolph Vorderman Jean Rizzi's former son in law is Paddy King Jean Rizzi's former son in law is Chris Mather