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Partners of 
Brigitte Nielsen
Brigitte Nielsen

Partners of 
Brigitte Nielsen

Mattia Dessi


1 child together

Aug 2006

Flavor Flav


dated from about 2004

Raoul Meyer


2 children together

married 1993
divorce 2005

Sebastian Copeland

Disputed Marriage

"marriage" circa 1990
"divorce" circa 1993

Mark Gastineau

Broken Engagement

1 child together

engaged from about 1988
until about 1990

Sylvester Stallone


married 15 Dec 1985
divorce 1987

Arnold Schwarzenegger


affair from 1985
until 1985

Kasper Winding


1 child together

married 1983
divorce 1985

Sean Penn

Brief Liaison

Brigitte Nielsen
Bio Details

Full name

Gitte Nielsen





Date of birth

Monday 15 Jul 1963

Birth place

Copenhagen, Denmark


Reality TV Personality

Model (1980 (ca.))

Actress (1985)

Singer (1987)

TV Presenter (1990 (ca.))

Former Supermodel and '80s Hollywood Actress
Brigitte Nielsen

Gitte Nielsen




Monday 15 Jul 1963

Brigitte Nielsen Partner(s) Other Children

Brigitte Nielsen Children

Raoul Meyer Jr

with Raoul Meyer

Douglas Meyer

with Raoul Meyer

Julian Winding

born 1984, age 34 (approx.)
with Kasper Winding

Killian Gastineau

born 1989, age 29 (approx.)
with Mark Gastineau

Love Child of Brigitte Nielsen and Mark Gastineau

Frida Dessi

born 2018, age 4 days
with Mattia Dessi


Brigitte Nielsen Family

Brigitte Nielsen's parents:

Brigitte Nielsen's father is Svend Nielsen Brigitte Nielsen's mother is Hanne Nielsen

Brigitte Nielsen's children:

Brigitte Nielsen's son is Raoul Meyer Jr Brigitte Nielsen's son is Douglas Meyer Brigitte Nielsen's son is Julian Winding Brigitte Nielsen's son is Killian Gastineau Brigitte Nielsen's daughter is Frida Dessi

Brigitte Nielsen's current partners:

Brigitte Nielsen's husband is Mattia Dessi

Brigitte Nielsen's former partners:

Brigitte Nielsen dated Flavor Flav Brigitte Nielsen's former husband is Sylvester Stallone Brigitte Nielsen had an affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger Brigitte Nielsen had a brief liaison with Sean Penn Brigitte Nielsen's former "husband" is Sebastian Copeland Brigitte Nielsen is the former fiance of Mark Gastineau Brigitte Nielsen's former husband is Raoul Meyer Brigitte Nielsen's former husband is Kasper Winding

Brigitte Nielsen's former in laws:

Brigitte Nielsen's former mother in law is Jackie Stallone Brigitte Nielsen's former father in law is Jean-Claude Casadesus Brigitte Nielsen's former father in law was Frank Stallone Brigitte Nielsen's former step-father in law is Stephen Levine Brigitte Nielsen's former grandfather in law was John Paul Labofish Brigitte Nielsen's former grandmother in law is Jeanne Victoria Anne Labofish Brigitte Nielsen's former half-sister in law is Francesca Beaven Brigitte Nielsen's former half-brother in law is Dante Stallone Brigitte Nielsen's former brother in law is Frank Stallone Brigitte Nielsen's former half-sister in law was Toni Ann Filiti

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