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Partners of 
Jackie Stallone
Jackie Stallone

Partners of 
Jackie Stallone

Stephen Levine


Nov 1998

Francis Maschek


married 9 Jul 1977

Anthony Filiti


1 child together

married circa 1960
divorce before 1977

Frank Stallone


2 children together

married 19 Dec 1945
divorce about 1957

Mr King


married before 1944
divorce before 1945

Jackie Stallone
Bio Details

Full name

Jacqueline Frances Stallone

Maiden name

Jacqueline Frances Labofish

Also known as

Jackie Filiti

Jackie Levine





Date of birth

Tuesday 29 Nov 1921

Birth place

Washington, DC, USA

Date of death:

21 Sep 2020

Place of death

At her home in Los Angeles, California, USA

Cause of death

In her sleep.

World Famous body builder Charles Atlas lived with Jackie's family when she was a girl, he apparently train them in gymnastics.

Circus Performer

At 15 Jackie trained and performed with the circus as am aerialist on rings and bars.
Her birth was reported in the Washington Herald on 2 Dec 1921 thus: John P and Jeanne A V A Labofish, girl.

Jackie Stallone Siblings

Madeleine Labofish


Mother of action movie star Sylvester Stallone
Jackie Stallone

Jacqueline Frances Stallone




Tuesday 29 Nov 1921


21 Sep 2020

Jackie Stallone Partner(s) Other Children

Jackie Stallone Children

Sylvester Stallone

born 1946, age 74
with Frank Stallone

Star of Rocky and Rambo

Frank Stallone

born 1950, age 70
with Frank Stallone

Brother of Action Movie Star Sylvester Stallone

Toni Ann Filiti

born 1960, died 2012, age 52
with Anthony Filiti

Sylvester Stallone's Half Sister


Jackie Stallone Family

Jackie Stallone's parents:

Jackie Stallone's father was John Paul Labofish Jackie Stallone's mother was Jeanne Labofish Jackie Stallone's step-father was Clarence Hyer

Jackie Stallone's children:

Jackie Stallone's son is Sylvester Stallone Jackie Stallone's son is Frank Stallone Jackie Stallone's daughter was Toni Ann Filiti

Jackie Stallone's current partners:

Jackie Stallone's husband was Stephen Levine Jackie Stallone's husband was Francis Maschek

Jackie Stallone's former partners:

Jackie Stallone's former husband was Anthony Filiti Jackie Stallone's former husband was Frank Stallone Jackie Stallone's former husband is Mr King

Jackie Stallone's siblings:

Jackie Stallone's sister is Madeleine Labofish

Jackie Stallone's grandparents:

Jackie Stallone's grandfather is Charles Labofish Jackie Stallone's grandmother was Rose Labofish

Jackie Stallone's grandchildren:

Jackie Stallone's grandson was Sage Stallone Jackie Stallone's grandson is Seargeoh Stallone Jackie Stallone's granddaughter is Sophia Stallone Jackie Stallone's granddaughter is Sistine Stallone Jackie Stallone's granddaughter is Scarlet Stallone Jackie Stallone's grandson is Edd Filiti

Jackie Stallone's in laws:

Jackie Stallone's daughter in law is Jennifer Flavin

Jackie Stallone's former in laws:

Jackie Stallone's former daughter in law is Brigitte Nielsen Jackie Stallone's former daughter in law is Sasha Czack Jackie Stallone's former son in law is Louis D'Alto Jackie Stallone's former son in law is Markus Schaub

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