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Partners of 
Jennifer Grey
Jennifer Grey

Partners of 
Jennifer Grey

Relationship History

Clark Gregg


1 child together

21 Jul 2001

Johnny Depp

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 1988
until about 1989

Matthew Broderick


relationship began about 1987

George Stephanopoulos


Professional Partners

Derek Hough

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 22 Sep 2010
until 23 Nov 2010

Jennifer Grey
Bio Details

Full name

Jennifer Grey

Also known as

Jenny Grey





Date of birth

Saturday 26 Mar 1960

Birth place

New York City, NY, USA




Dalton School, New York, United States

Jennifer Grey Siblings

James Katz


Dirty Dancing Star
Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey




Saturday 26 Mar 1960

Jennifer Grey Partner(s) Other Children

Jennifer Grey Children

Stella Gregg

born 2001, age 16
with Clark Gregg


Jennifer Grey Family

Jennifer Grey's parents:

Jennifer Grey's father is Joel Grey Jennifer Grey's mother is Jo Wilder

Jennifer Grey's children:

Jennifer Grey's daughter is Stella Gregg

Jennifer Grey's current partners:

Jennifer Grey's husband is Clark Gregg

Jennifer Grey's former partners:

Jennifer Grey is the former fiance of Johnny Depp Jennifer Grey dated Michael J. Fox Jennifer Grey had a relationship with George Stephanopoulos Jennifer Grey had a relationship with Matthew Broderick

Jennifer Grey's siblings:

Jennifer Grey's brother is James Katz

Jennifer Grey's grandparents:

Jennifer Grey's grandfather was Mickey Katz Jennifer Grey's grandmother is Goldie Katz Jennifer Grey's grandfather was Izzie Brower Jennifer Grey's grandmother was Clara Brower

Jennifer Grey's great grandparents:

Jennifer Grey's great grandfather was Solomon Brower Jennifer Grey's great grandmother was Shayndl Brower

Jennifer Grey's uncles and aunts:

Jennifer Grey's uncle is Ronald Katz Jennifer Grey's uncle is Mitchell Brower

Jennifer Grey's great uncles and aunts:

Jennifer Grey's great aunt was Sylvia Brower Jennifer Grey's great uncle was William Brower Jennifer Grey's great aunt was Tillie Brower Jennifer Grey's great aunt was Rose Brower Jennifer Grey's great uncle was Charlie Brower

Jennifer Grey's in laws:

Jennifer Grey's father in law is Robert Gregg Jennifer Grey's mother in law is Mary Layne

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