Dated Relationship facts

Dated from

Until before 2013

Owner of Howletts and Port Lympne Zoos
Damian Aspinall

John Damian Androcles Aspinall




Tuesday 24 May 1960

Other Partners

Victoria Aspinall


27 Aug 2016

Elle Macpherson


dating from about Jan 2009

Donna Air


1 child together

relationship began about 2000
until about Jul 2007

Lisa Barbuscia, 
Lisa B


relationship began about 1999
until about 1999

Lisa Butcher


relationship began circa 1999

Normandie Keith

Broken Engagement

engaged from before 1997
until about Dec 1997

Kirsty Bertarelli


relationship began about 1994
until circa Jun 1997

Louise Aspinall


2 children together

married Jul 1987
divorce 1997

Petrina Khashoggi


until before Mar 2004

Naomi Campbell


until before 2013

Professional Partners

Damian Aspinall Siblings

Bassa Wulfhere Aspinall


other parent: Sarah-Marguerite Aspinall

Other Partners



dating from about Jul 2015

Orlando Bloom

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from Aug 2014

Jamie Packer


3 children together

married 20 Jun 2007
divorce Sep 2013

Professional Partners

Erica Packer Siblings

Bill Baxter


Joanna Baxter


Erica Packer

Erica Packer

His Other Children

Tansy Aspinall

born 1989, age 29 (approx.)
with Louise Aspinall

Clary Aspinall

born 1992, age 26 (approx.)
with Louise Aspinall

Freya Air Aspinall

born 2003, age 14 (approx.)
with Donna Air

Children Together

Her Other Children

Indigo Packer

born 2008, age 11 (approx.)
with Jamie Packer

Jackson Packer

born 2010, age 9 (approx.)
with Jamie Packer

Emmanuelle Packer

born 2012, age 7 (approx.)
with Jamie Packer

Damian Aspinall
Bio Details

Full name

John Damian Androcles Aspinall





Date of birth

Tuesday 24 May 1960

Damian Aspinall made his own independent fortune as a property developer, receiving no financial help from his father. 


Damian Aspinall Family

Damian Aspinall's parents:

Damian Aspinall's father was John Aspinall Damian Aspinall's mother was Jane Gordon Hastings

Damian Aspinall's former step-parents:

Damian Aspinall's former step-mother is Sarah-Marguerite Aspinall Damian Aspinall's former step-mother is Belinda Mary Threipland

Damian Aspinall's children:

Damian Aspinall's daughter is Tansy Aspinall Damian Aspinall's daughter is Clary Aspinall Damian Aspinall's daughter is Freya Air Aspinall

Damian Aspinall's current partners:

Damian Aspinall's wife is Victoria Aspinall

Damian Aspinall's former partners:

Damian Aspinall was dating Elle Macpherson Damian Aspinall dated Naomi Campbell Damian Aspinall had a relationship with Lisa Barbuscia, Lisa B Damian Aspinall had a relationship with Donna Air Damian Aspinall is the former fiance of Normandie Keith Damian Aspinall had a relationship with Kirsty Bertarelli Damian Aspinall dated Petrina Khashoggi Damian Aspinall had a relationship with Lisa Butcher Damian Aspinall's former wife is Louise Aspinall Damian Aspinall dated Erica Packer

Damian Aspinall's siblings:

Damian Aspinall's half-brother is Bassa Wulfhere Aspinall

Damian Aspinall's grandparents:

Damian Aspinall's grandfather was Robert Stavali Aspinall Damian Aspinall's grandmother was Mary Grace Osborne

Damian Aspinall's great grandparents:

Damian Aspinall's great grandfather was Clement Samuel Horn

Damian Aspinall's former step-grandparents:

Damian Aspinall's former step-grandfather was Sir George Francis Osborne

Damian Aspinall's uncles and aunts:

Damian Aspinall's aunt is Jennifer Jane Little Damian Aspinall's aunt is Caroline Mary Dodd Damian Aspinall's uncle is Sir Peter George Osborne Damian Aspinall's aunt-by-marriage is Felicity Alexandra Osborne Damian Aspinall's uncle is James Francis Osborne

Damian Aspinall's cousins:

Damian Aspinall's cousin is George Osborne Damian Aspinall's cousin is Benedict George Osborne Damian Aspinall's cousin is Adam Peter Osborne Damian Aspinall's cousin is Theo Grantley Osborne

Damian Aspinall's first cousins once removed:

Damian Aspinall's first cousin once removed is Luke Benedict Osborne Damian Aspinall's first cousin once removed is Liberty Kate Osborne

Damian Aspinall's in laws:

Damian Aspinall's father in law is S John Fisher

Damian Aspinall's former in laws:

Damian Aspinall's former father in law is Peter Sebag-Montefiore Damian Aspinall's former mother in law is Joanna Sebag-Montefiore Damian Aspinall's former grandfather in law was Major Geoffrey Edmund Sebag-Montefiore Damian Aspinall's former grandmother in law was Elizabeth Grace Block Damian Aspinall's former grandfather in law is General Sir Joseph Howard Nigel Poett

Erica Packer
Bio Details

Full name

Erica Packer

Maiden name

Erica Baxter




Erica Packer Family

Erica Packer's parents:

Erica Packer's father is Michael Baxter Erica Packer's mother was Sheelah Baxter

Erica Packer's children:

Erica Packer's daughter is Indigo Packer Erica Packer's son is Jackson Packer Erica Packer's daughter is Emmanuelle Packer

Erica Packer's former partners:

Erica Packer allegedly had a romance with Orlando Bloom Erica Packer's former husband is Jamie Packer Erica Packer dated Damian Aspinall Erica Packer was dating Seal

Erica Packer's siblings:

Erica Packer's brother is Bill Baxter Erica Packer's sister is Joanna Baxter

Erica Packer's former in laws:

Erica Packer's former father in law was Sir Kerry Packer Erica Packer's former step-mother in law was Florence Packer Erica Packer's former mother in law is Roslyn Packer Erica Packer's former grandfather in law was Sir Frank Packer Erica Packer's former grandmother in law was Gretel Packer Erica Packer's former sister in law is Gretel Packer Erica Packer's former husband Jamie Packer's uncle in law was Clyde Packer