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John Lehmann
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John Lehmann

British Poet and Man of Letters
John Lehmann

Rudolph John Frederick Lehmann




Sunday 02 Jun 1907


7 Apr 1987

John Lehmann
Bio Details

Full name

Rudolph John Frederick Lehmann





Date of birth

Sunday 02 Jun 1907

Birth place

Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, England, UK

Date of death:

7 Apr 1987

Place of death

Westminster, London, England, UK





Editor (1936 - 1940)

Managing Director (1938 - 1946)


Summer Fields School, Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom

Cambridge University : Trinity College, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom (Finished 1931 (ca.))

Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom (1921)

Lehmann was introduced to the publishing world by his close friend Julian Bell, the nephew of Virginia Woolf.  His publishing career began in 1931 when Virginia and Leonard Woolf employed him at Hogarth Press.  He went on to create his own periodicals and his own publishing house, John Lehmann limited.  He has been referred to as "the greatest British literary editor of his time".
Lehmann founded the ground breaking periodical New Writing in 1936 and featured work from numerous famous writers and authors including George Orwell and EM Forster.
Lehmann wrote biographies of Rupert Brooke, Edith Sitwell and Virginia Woolf.

John Lehmann Siblings

Helen Lehmann


Rosamond Lehmann CBE


Beatrix Lehmann


Partners of 
John Lehmann

Alexis Rassine


companions from 1946
until 1987


John Lehmann Family

John Lehmann's parents:

John Lehmann's father was Rudolph Lehmann John Lehmann's mother was Alice Lehmann

John Lehmann's former partners:

John Lehmann had a relationship with Sir Michael Redgrave CBE

John Lehmann's siblings:

John Lehmann's sister was Rosamond Lehmann CBE John Lehmann's sister was Beatrix Lehmann John Lehmann's sister was Helen Lehmann

John Lehmann's nieces and nephews:

John Lehmann's nephew was Hugo Philipps John Lehmann's niece was Sally Cavanagh

John Lehmann's grand nieces and grand nephews:

John Lehmann's great niece is Anna Woodhouse John Lehmann's great niece is Guy Philipps John Lehmann's great nephew is Roland Philipps John Lehmann's great niece is Katherine Juteau John Lehmann's great nephew is Ivo Philipps

John Lehmann's grandparents:

John Lehmann's grandfather was Harrison Davis John Lehmann's grandfather was Frederick Lehmann John Lehmann's grandmother was Nina Lehmann

John Lehmann's great grandparents:

John Lehmann's great grandfather is Robert Chambers John Lehmann's great grandfather was Leo Lehmann John Lehmann's great grandmother was Friederike Lehmann

John Lehmann's great uncles and aunts:

John Lehmann's great uncle was Rudolf Lehmann John Lehmann's great uncle was Henri Lehmann John Lehmann's great aunt was Amelia Lehmann

John Lehmann's first cousins once removed:

John Lehmann's first cousin once removed was Liza Lehmann (twice over)

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