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Oliver Hoare
Partners of 
Oliver Hoare

Oliver Hoare

Oliver Reginald Hoare




Wednesday 18 Jul 1945


23 Aug 2018

Oliver Hoare
Bio Details

Full name

Oliver Reginald Hoare





Date of birth

Wednesday 18 Jul 1945

Birth place

Westminster Hospital, Westminster, London, England, UK

Date of death:

23 Aug 2018

Place of death

At his home in France

Cause of death



Art Dealer


Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England, United Kingdom

Sorbonne, Paris, France

Islamic art specialst
Oliver’s death on 23 August 2018 was not publicly reported until more than two weeks later. 

Partners of 
Oliver Hoare

Princess Diana
Princess of Wales


affair from about Sep 1992
until circa 1994

Ayesha Nadir


affair from 1986
until about 1987

Diana Hoare


3 children together

27 May 1976

Sandy Marsh


relationship began about 1964
until about 1968

Oliver Hoare Children

Tristan Hoare

born 1977, age 41 (approx.)
with Diana Hoare

Damien Hoare

born 1979, age 39 (approx.)
with Diana Hoare

Olivia Hoare

born 1981, age 37 (approx.)
with Diana Hoare

Oliver Hoare Partner(s) Other Children


Oliver Hoare Family

Oliver Hoare's parents:

Oliver Hoare's father was Reginald Hoare Oliver Hoare's mother was Irina Hoare Oliver Hoare's step-father is George Walneff

Oliver Hoare's children:

Oliver Hoare's son is Tristan Hoare Oliver Hoare's son is Damien Hoare Oliver Hoare's daughter is Olivia Hoare

Oliver Hoare's current partners:

Oliver Hoare's wife was Diana Hoare

Oliver Hoare's former partners:

Oliver Hoare had an affair with Princess Diana Princess of Wales Oliver Hoare had an affair with Ayesha Nadir Oliver Hoare had a relationship with Sandy Marsh

Oliver Hoare's grandparents:

Oliver Hoare's grandfather is Alfred Hoare Oliver Hoare's grandmother is Edith Hoare

Oliver Hoare's in laws:

Oliver Hoare's mother in law was Baroness Louise de Waldner Oliver Hoare's father in law was Baron Geoffroy De Waldner Oliver Hoare's grandfather in law is Baron Maurice De Waldner Oliver Hoare's grandmother in law is Francis Delbruck Oliver Hoare's grandfather in law is Edward Esmond Oliver Hoare's grandmother in law is Valentine Deutsch de la Meurthe Oliver Hoare's sister in law is Isabelle de Waldner Oliver Hoare's brother in law is Gerard de Waldner