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Ben Fogle
Partners of 
Ben Fogle

British Adventurer
Ben Fogle

Benjamin Myer Fogle




Saturday 03 Nov 1973

Ben Fogle
Bio Details

Ben Fogle Siblings

Tamara Fogle


Emily Fogle


other parent: Lionel Morton

Partners of 
Ben Fogle

Marina Fogle


2 children together


Vanessa Nimmo


dated from about May 2005
until Sep 2005

Ben Fogle Children

Ludo Fogle

born 2009, age 9 (approx.)
with Marina Fogle

Iona Fogle

born 2011, age 7 (approx.)
with Marina Fogle


born 2014, died 2014, age under a month old (approx.)
with Marina Fogle

Ben Fogle Partner(s) Other Children


Ben Fogle Family

Ben Fogle's parents:

Ben Fogle's father is Bruce Fogle Ben Fogle's mother is Julia Fogle Ben Fogle's step-father is Lionel Morton

Ben Fogle's children:

Ben Fogle's son is Ludo Fogle Ben Fogle's daughter is Iona Fogle

Ben Fogle's current partners:

Ben Fogle's wife is Marina Fogle

Ben Fogle's former partners:

Ben Fogle dated Vanessa Nimmo

Ben Fogle's siblings:

Ben Fogle's sister is Tamara Fogle Ben Fogle's half-sister is Emily Fogle

Ben Fogle's in laws:

Ben Fogle's father in law is Dr. Hon. Jonathan Philip Henderson Hunt Ben Fogle's mother in law is Monika Hunt Ben Fogle's grandfather in law was John Henderson Hunt, Baron Hunt of Fawley Ben Fogle's sister in law is Chiara Evetts Ben Fogle's brother in law-by-marriage is Rupert S. Evetts Ben Fogle's sister in law is Olivia Hunt Ben Fogle's brother in law-by-marriage is Nicholas Wilkinson

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