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Partner of 
Betty Lawrie
Betty Lawrie

Partners of 
Betty Lawrie

Eddie Lawrie


4 children together


Betty Lawrie
Bio Details

Full name

Betty Lawrie

Maiden name

Elizabeth Kennedy Cairns

Also known as

Elizabeth Kennedy-Cairns

Elizabeth McDonald




69 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Garngadhill, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Date of death:

Aug 1996

Place of death

Lewisham, London, England, UK

Cause of death

Stomach cancer.

Was give up for adopted possibly because she was illegitimate. Raised by Nellie and Wullie McDonald who had children of their own.

Betty Lawrie Siblings

Frankie McDonald


Robert McDonald


Jeanie McDonald


Annie McDonald


Lulu's mother
Betty Lawrie

Betty Lawrie


69 (approx.)




Aug 1996

Betty Lawrie Partner(s) Other Children

Betty Lawrie Children


born 1948, age 70
with Eddie Lawrie

Scottish Singer and Actress

Billy Lawrie

born 1951, age 68
with Eddie Lawrie

Edwina Reason

born 1959, age 60 (approx.)
with Eddie Lawrie

Gordon Lawrie

born 1964, age 55 (approx.)
with Eddie Lawrie


Betty Lawrie Family

Betty Lawrie's parents:

Betty Lawrie's father is Willie McDonald Betty Lawrie's mother is Nellie McDonald

Betty Lawrie's children:

Betty Lawrie's daughter is Lulu Betty Lawrie's son is Billy Lawrie Betty Lawrie's daughter is Edwina Reason Betty Lawrie's son is Gordon Lawrie

Betty Lawrie's current partners:

Betty Lawrie's husband was Eddie Lawrie

Betty Lawrie's siblings:

Betty Lawrie's brother is Frankie McDonald Betty Lawrie's brother is Robert McDonald Betty Lawrie's sister is Jeanie McDonald Betty Lawrie's sister is Annie McDonald

Betty Lawrie's grandchildren:

Betty Lawrie's grandson is Jordan Frieda

Betty Lawrie's great grandchildren:

Betty Lawrie's great granddaughter is Isabella Frieda Betty Lawrie's great grandson is Edward Frieda

Betty Lawrie's in laws:

Betty Lawrie's father in law is Eddie Lawrie Snr

Betty Lawrie's former in laws:

Betty Lawrie's former son in law was Maurice Gibb CBE Betty Lawrie's former son in law is John Frieda