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Partners of 
'Mama June' Shannon
'Mama June' Shannon

Partners of 
'Mama June' Shannon

'Sugar Bear' Mike Thompson


1 child together

marriage about 2004
estranged from 22 Sep 2014

Mark McDaniel


relationship began circa 2002
until circa 2003

Michael Ford


2 children together

relationship began circa 1996
until circa 1997

David Dunn

Brief Liaison

1 child together

brief liaison from circa 1993
until circa 1994

'Mama June' Shannon
Bio Details

Full name

June Shannon





Date of birth

Friday 10 Aug 1979

'Mama June' Shannon Siblings

Jimmy Shannon


Member of Reality TV Show 
'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo'
'Mama June' Shannon

June Shannon




Friday 10 Aug 1979

'Mama June' Shannon Partner(s) Other Children

'Mama June' Shannon Children

'Chickadee' Anna Cardwell

born 1994, age 24 (approx.)
with David Dunn

'Chubbs' Jessica Shannon

born 1997, age 21 (approx.)
with Michael Ford

'Pumpkin' Lauryn Shannon

born 2000, age 18
with Michael Ford

'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson

born 2005, age 12
with 'Sugar Bear' Mike Thompson

Child beauty pageant contestant on Reality TV Show


'Mama June' Shannon Family

'Mama June' Shannon's parents:

'Mama June' Shannon's father is Marvin Shannon 'Mama June' Shannon's mother is Sandra Hale

'Mama June' Shannon's children:

'Mama June' Shannon's daughter is 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson 'Mama June' Shannon's daughter is 'Chickadee' Anna Cardwell 'Mama June' Shannon's daughter is 'Chubbs' Jessica Shannon 'Mama June' Shannon's daughter is 'Pumpkin' Lauryn Shannon

'Mama June' Shannon's former partners:

'Mama June' Shannon's former husband is 'Sugar Bear' Mike Thompson 'Mama June' Shannon had a relationship with Mark McDaniel 'Mama June' Shannon had a relationship with Michael Ford 'Mama June' Shannon had a brief liaison with David Dunn

'Mama June' Shannon's siblings:

'Mama June' Shannon's brother was Jimmy Shannon

'Mama June' Shannon's grandchildren:

'Mama June' Shannon's granddaughter is 'Baby' Kaitlyn Shannon-Clark

'Mama June' Shannon's in laws:

'Mama June' Shannon's son in law is Michael Cardwell

'Mama June' Shannon's former in laws:

'Mama June' Shannon's former brother in law is 'Uncle Poodle' Lee Thompson

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