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Shane Warne
Partners of 
Shane Warne

One of the greatest bowlers in cricket history
Shane Warne

Shane Keith Warne




Saturday 13 Sep 1969


4 Mar 2022

Shane Warne
Bio Details

Full name

Shane Keith Warne





Date of birth

Saturday 13 Sep 1969

Birth place

William Angliss Hospital, Upper Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Date of death:

4 Mar 2022

Place of death

Samujana Villas resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

Cause of death

Suspected heart attack


Professional Cricketer

Sports Commentator

Shane Warne Siblings

Jason Warne


Partners of 
Shane Warne

Emily Scott


relationship began about Jun 2014
until 28 Jun 2014

Liz Hurley

Broken Engagement

engaged from 30 Sep 2011
until 17 Dec 2013

Simone Callahan


3 children together

married about 1 Sep 1995
divorce 2007

Shane Warne Children

Brooke Warne

born 1997, age 24
with Simone Callahan

Jackson Warne

born 1999, age 22
with Simone Callahan

Summer Warne

born 2001, age 20
with Simone Callahan

Shane Warne Partner(s) Other Children


Shane Warne Family

Shane Warne's parents:

Shane Warne's father is Keith Warne Shane Warne's mother is Brigitte Warne

Shane Warne's children:

Shane Warne's son is Brooke Warne Shane Warne's son is Jackson Warne Shane Warne's daughter is Summer Warne

Shane Warne's former partners:

Shane Warne is the former fiance of Liz Hurley Shane Warne had a relationship with Emily Scott Shane Warne's former wife is Simone Callahan

Shane Warne's siblings:

Shane Warne's brother is Jason Warne

Shane Warne's grandparents:

Shane Warne's grandfather was Joey Szczepiak Shane Warne's grandmother was Lotte Szczepiak Shane Warne's grandfather is Mac Warne Shane Warne's grandmother is Dorothy Warne

Shane Warne's great grandparents:

Shane Warne's great grandfather is Richard Levandowski Shane Warne's great grandfather is Tadeusz Szczepiak Shane Warne's great grandmother is ? Szczepiak Shane Warne's great grandfather is Norman Warne

Shane Warne's uncles and aunts:

Shane Warne's aunt is Regina Szczepiak

Shane Warne's former in laws:

Shane Warne's former father in law is Bryan Callahan Shane Warne's former mother in law is Coral Callahan Shane Warne's former sister in law is Lisa Callahan