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Steve Bing
Partners of 
Steve Bing

American film producer and businessman.  Father of Liz Hurley's son
Steve Bing

Stephen Leo Bing




Wednesday 31 Mar 1965


22 Jun 2020

Steve Bing
Bio Details

Full name

Stephen Leo Bing





Date of birth

Wednesday 31 Mar 1965

Date of death:

22 Jun 2020

Place of death

Los Angeles, California, USA


Film Producer


Stanford University, (Leland Stanford Junior University), Stanford, California, United States

Harvard-Westlake School, (prev Harvard School for Boys) Los Angeles, United States

Bing fought a very publicly battle proclaiming that girlfriend Liz Hurley's child was not his and that they  "were not in an exclusive relationship"   DNA tests later definitively proved that he had fathered their child.

Steve Bing Siblings

Mary Bing


Partners of 
Steve Bing

Allexanne Mitchum


relationship began circa 2018

Brenda Swanson


relationship began Jul 2001

Liz Hurley


1 child together

relationship began about Oct 2000
until about Nov 2001

Lisa Bonder


1 child together

relationship began before 1998

Tracy Richman


relationship began about 1988
until about 1992

Steve Bing Children

Kira Bing

born 1998, age 22 (approx.)
with Lisa Bonder

Damian Hurley

born 2002, age 18
with Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley's Son

Steve Bing Partner(s) Other Children


Steve Bing Family

Steve Bing's parents:

Steve Bing's father is Dr Peter S Bing Steve Bing's mother is Helen Bing

Steve Bing's children:

Steve Bing's son is Damian Hurley Steve Bing's daughter is Kira Bing

Steve Bing's current partners:

Steve Bing had a relationship with Allexanne Mitchum Steve Bing had a relationship with Brenda Swanson Steve Bing had a relationship with Lisa Bonder

Steve Bing's former partners:

Steve Bing had a relationship with Liz Hurley Steve Bing had a relationship with Tracy Richman

Steve Bing's siblings:

Steve Bing's sister is Mary Bing

Steve Bing's nieces and nephews:

Steve Bing's niece is Lucy Ellis Steve Bing's nephew is Anton Ellis

Steve Bing's grandparents:

Steve Bing's grandmother was Anna Bing Arnold Steve Bing's grandfather is Rade Popovich Steve Bing's grandmother is Mary Popovich Steve Bing's grandfather was Leo S Bing

Steve Bing's great grandparents:

Steve Bing's great grandfather was Samuel Kostant Steve Bing's great grandfather is Simon Bing Steve Bing's great grandmother was Louisa Bing

Steve Bing's step-grandparents:

Steve Bing's step-grandfather was Aerol Arnold

Steve Bing's great uncles and aunts:

Steve Bing's great uncle was Alexander Bing Steve Bing's great aunt is Lenore Kostant