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Jim Callaghan
Partner of 
Jim Callaghan

British Prime Minister 
5th April 1976 - 4th May 1979
Jim Callaghan

Rt. Hon Leonard James Callaghan




Wednesday 27 Mar 1912


26 Mar 2005

Jim Callaghan
Bio Details

Full name

Rt. Hon Leonard James Callaghan

Also known as

Baron Callaghan of Cardiff





Date of birth

Wednesday 27 Mar 1912

Birth place

Copnor, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, UK

Date of death:

26 Mar 2005

Place of death

Ringmer, East Sussex, England, UK


Prime Minister of Britain and First Lord of the Treasury (1976)


Furzeham School, Brixham, Devon, England, United Kingdom

Portsmouth Northern Secondary School, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England, United Kingdom

Jim Callaghan Siblings

Dorothy Carter


Partners of 
Jim Callaghan

Audrey Callaghan, Baroness Callaghan


3 children together


Jim Callaghan Children

Margaret Jay, Baroness Jay of Paddington

born 1939, age 78
with Audrey Callaghan, Baroness Callaghan

Julia Elizabeth Hubbard

born 1942, age 76 (approx.)
with Audrey Callaghan, Baroness Callaghan

Michael James Callaghan

born 1945, age 73 (approx.)
with Audrey Callaghan, Baroness Callaghan

Jim Callaghan Partner(s) Other Children


Jim Callaghan Family

Jim Callaghan's parents:

Jim Callaghan's father was James Callaghan Jim Callaghan's mother was Charlotte Callaghan

Jim Callaghan's children:

Jim Callaghan's daughter is Margaret Jay, Baroness Jay of Paddington Jim Callaghan's daughter is Julia Elizabeth Hubbard Jim Callaghan's son is Michael James Callaghan

Jim Callaghan's current partners:

Jim Callaghan's wife was Audrey Callaghan, Baroness Callaghan

Jim Callaghan's siblings:

Jim Callaghan's sister was Dorothy Carter

Jim Callaghan's grandparents:

Jim Callaghan's grandfather was William Cundy Jim Callaghan's grandmother was Rosina Cundy Jim Callaghan's grandfather was James Garoghan Jim Callaghan's grandmother was Elizabeth Garoghan

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