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John Depp
Partner of 
John Depp

John Depp

John Christopher Depp




Saturday 20 Aug 1938

John Depp
Bio Details

Full name

John Christopher Depp

Also known as

Jack Depp





Date of birth

Saturday 20 Aug 1938

Birth place

Daviess Co, Kentucky, USA


Civil Engineer

Partners of 
John Depp

Betty Palmer


3 children together

Ended 1978

John Depp Children

Christie Dembrowski

born 1960, age 61
with Betty Palmer

Johnny Depp

born 1963, age 58
with Betty Palmer

Captain Jack Sparrow

Danny Depp

born 1953, age 68
adopted with Betty Palmer

Deborah Depp

born 1956, age 65

John Depp Partner(s) Other Children


John Depp Family

John Depp's parents:

John Depp's father is Oren Depp John Depp's mother is Violet Depp

John Depp's children:

John Depp's son is Johnny Depp John Depp's daughter is Christie Dembrowski John Depp's adopted son is Danny Depp John Depp's adopted daughter is Deborah Depp

John Depp's former partners:

John Depp's former wife was Betty Palmer

John Depp's grandparents:

John Depp's grandfather is Roy Grinstead John Depp's grandmother is Mary Grinstead John Depp's grandfather is Oren Robert Depp John Depp's grandmother is Effie Depp

John Depp's grandchildren:

John Depp's granddaughter is Lily-Rose Depp John Depp's grandson is Jack Depp

John Depp's in laws:

John Depp's daughter in law is Amber Heard John Depp's son in law is Daniel Dembrowski

John Depp's former in laws:

John Depp's former daughter in law is Lori Allison John Depp's former father in law is Walter Wells John Depp's former mother in law is Bessie Wells John Depp's former grandfather in law is Richard Wells John Depp's former grandmother in law is Annie Wells John Depp's former grandfather in law is Branch Whitaker John Depp's former grandmother in law is May Whitaker