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Colin Smith
Partner of 
Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Colin Smith


80 (approx.)




1 Dec 2016 (ca.)

Colin Smith
Bio Details

Full name

Colin Smith




80 (approx.)

Date of birth


Birth place

Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

Date of death:

1 Dec 2016 (ca.)

Cause of death


Partners of 
Colin Smith

Marilyn Smith


3 children together

May 1965

Colin Smith Children

Julian Smith

born 1971 (ca.), died 1989, age 18 (approx.)
with Marilyn Smith

Damian Smith

born 1975, age 43 (approx.)
with Marilyn Smith

Sheridan Smith OBE

born 1981, age 37
with Marilyn Smith

Star of stage and screen

Colin Smith Partner(s) Other Children


Colin Smith Family

Colin Smith's parents:

Colin Smith's father is Walter Smith Colin Smith's mother is Ettie Smith

Colin Smith's children:

Colin Smith's daughter is Sheridan Smith OBE Colin Smith's son was Julian Smith Colin Smith's son is Damian Smith

Colin Smith's current partners:

Colin Smith's wife was Marilyn Smith

Colin Smith's grandparents:

Colin Smith's grandfather is William Doubleday Colin Smith's grandmother is Rose Doubleday

Colin Smith's great grandparents:

Colin Smith's great grandfather was Benjamin Doubleday Colin Smith's great grandmother was Sarah Jane Collins   Colin Smith's great great grandfather is Benjamin Doubleday Colin Smith's great great grandmother is Harriett Doubleday

Colin Smith's uncles and aunts:

Colin Smith's uncle was Benjamin Doubleday

Colin Smith's great uncles and aunts:

Colin Smith's great aunt was May Francis Doubleday Colin Smith's great aunt was Harriet Doubleday