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Partners of 
Angie Everhart
Angie Everhart

Partners of 
Angie Everhart

Carl Ferro


5 Nov 2014

Joe Pesci

Broken Engagement

engaged from 2007
until 2008

Prince Andrew,

Alleged Romance

alleged romance from circa 2006
until circa 2008

Ashley Hamilton


married 1 Dec 1996
divorce Mar 1997

Sylvester Stallone

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 1995
until about 1995

Kevin Costner


dated from about 1995

Jimmy Traboulis

Broken Engagement

Chad Stansbury


1 child together

Jeff Foster


Angie Everhart
Bio Details

Full name

Angela Kay Everhart





Date of birth

Saturday 06 Sep 1969

Birth place

Akron, Ohio, USA



Model (1985)

Angie Everhart Siblings

Mike Everhart


American Swimwear Model
Angie Everhart

Angela Kay Everhart




Saturday 06 Sep 1969

Angie Everhart Partner(s) Other Children

Angie Everhart Children

Kayden Everhart

born 2009, age 8
with Chad Stansbury

JoAnn Ferro

born 2006, age 12 (approx.)
step-child with Carl Ferro


Angie Everhart Family

Angie Everhart's parents:

Angie Everhart's father is Bobby Everhart Angie Everhart's mother is Ginnie Everhart

Angie Everhart's children:

Angie Everhart's son is Kayden Everhart Angie Everhart's step-daughter is JoAnn Ferro

Angie Everhart's current partners:

Angie Everhart dated Kevin Costner Angie Everhart's husband is Carl Ferro Angie Everhart is the former fiance of Jimmy Traboulis

Angie Everhart's former partners:

Angie Everhart allegedly had a romance with Prince Andrew, Angie Everhart is the former fiance of Sylvester Stallone Angie Everhart is the former fiance of Joe Pesci Angie Everhart's former husband is Ashley Hamilton Angie Everhart had a relationship with Chad Stansbury Angie Everhart dated Jeff Foster

Angie Everhart's siblings:

Angie Everhart's brother is Mike Everhart

Angie Everhart's former in laws:

Angie Everhart's former father in law is George Hamilton Angie Everhart's former mother in law is Alana Stewart Angie Everhart's former half-sister in law is Kimberley Stewart Angie Everhart's former half-brother in law is Sean Stewart Angie Everhart's former grandmother in law is Lela Gossage