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Fanny Braun
Fanny Braun

Partners of 
Fanny Braun

Fritz Braun


3 children together


Fanny Braun
Bio Details

Full name

Franziska Braun

Maiden name

Franziska Kronberger





Date of birth

Saturday 12 Dec 1885

Birth place

Munich, Germany

Date of death:

13 Jan 1976

Place of death

Ruhpolding, Bavaria, Germany

Fanny Braun

Franziska Braun




Saturday 12 Dec 1885


13 Jan 1976

Fanny Braun Partner(s) Other Children

Fanny Braun Children

Ilse Braun

born 1909, died 1979, age 69 (approx.)
with Fritz Braun

Eva Braun, Eva Hitler

born 1912, died 1945, age 33
with Fritz Braun

Wife of Adolf Hitler

Gretl Berlinghoff

born 1915, died 1987, age 72
with Fritz Braun

Sister of Eva Braun


Fanny Braun Family

Fanny Braun's parents:

Fanny Braun's father was Franz-Paul Kronburger Fanny Braun's mother was Josefa Kronburger

Fanny Braun's children:

Fanny Braun's daughter was Eva Braun, Eva Hitler Fanny Braun's daughter was Ilse Braun Fanny Braun's daughter was Gretl Berlinghoff

Fanny Braun's current partners:

Fanny Braun's husband was Fritz Braun

Fanny Braun's grandchildren:

Fanny Braun's granddaughter was Eva Fegelein

Fanny Braun's in laws:

Fanny Braun's son in law was Adolf Hitler Fanny Braun's son in law is Dr Fucke-Michels Fanny Braun's son in law is Kurt Berlinghoff Fanny Braun's son in law was Hermann Fegelein

Fanny Braun's former in laws:

Fanny Braun's former son in law is Dr Hochstetter