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Partners of 
Jo Jo Laine
Jo Jo Laine

Partners of 
Jo Jo Laine

Lord Bath
Alexander Thynn


relationship began 1991
until 1996

Peter O'Donohue


1 child together

relationship began about 1981
until about 1985

Denny Laine


2 children together

married 1978
divorce 1982

Jimi Hendrix


dated from 1969

Jim Morrison


Randy Rhoads


Jo Jo Laine
Bio Details

Full name

Joanne Laine

Maiden name

Joanne LaPatrie





Date of birth

Monday 13 Jul 1953

Birth place

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Date of death:

29 Oct 2006

Place of death

George's Hospital, London, UK

Cause of death

Head Concussion



Model (1970)

Jo Jo Laine

Joanne gave herself the name Jo Jo in fan letters se wrote to Paul McCartney when she was a young girl

Jo Jo Laine Siblings

Thaddeus LaPatrie


Model and Notorious 70's Rock Chick
Jo Jo Laine

Joanne Laine




Monday 13 Jul 1953


29 Oct 2006

Jo Jo Laine Partner(s) Other Children

Jo Jo Laine Children

Laine Hines

born 1973, age 45 (approx.)
with Denny Laine

Son of Moody Blues' and Wings' Guitarist Denny Laine and Jo Jo Laine

Heidi Jo Hines

born 1974, age 44 (approx.)
with Denny Laine

Daughter of Wings' and Moody Blues' Denny Laine and Jo Jo Laine

Boston O'Donohue

born 1984 (ca.), age 34 (ca.)
with Peter O'Donohue

Second son of notorious rock chick, Jo Jo Laine


Jo Jo Laine Family

Jo Jo Laine's parents:

Jo Jo Laine's father was Philip LaPatrie

Jo Jo Laine's children:

Jo Jo Laine's son is Laine Hines Jo Jo Laine's daughter is Heidi Jo Hines Jo Jo Laine's son is Boston O'Donohue

Jo Jo Laine's current partners:

Jo Jo Laine dated Jim Morrison

Jo Jo Laine's former partners:

Jo Jo Laine dated Jimi Hendrix Jo Jo Laine dated Sir Rod Stewart CBE Jo Jo Laine had a relationship with Lord Bath Alexander Thynn Jo Jo Laine's former husband is Denny Laine Jo Jo Laine dated Randy Rhoads Jo Jo Laine had a relationship with Peter O'Donohue

Jo Jo Laine's siblings:

Jo Jo Laine's brother is Thaddeus LaPatrie

Jo Jo Laine's grandchildren:

Jo Jo Laine's granddaughter is Jaylie Wayling Jo Jo Laine's grandson is Jesse Wayling