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Peter Crouch
Partners of 
Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch




Friday 30 Jan 1981

Peter Crouch
Bio Details

Full name

Peter Crouch





Date of birth

Friday 30 Jan 1981


Footballer (1998)

Peter proposed to Abbey on holiday in Sarninia in 2009

Peter Crouch Siblings

Sarah Crouch


Partners of 
Peter Crouch

Abbey Clancy


4 children together

30 Jun 2011

Peter Crouch Children

Sophia Crouch

born 2011, age 8
with Abbey Clancy

Liberty Rose Crouch

born 2015, age 4
with Abbey Clancy

Johnny Crouch

born 2018, age 1
with Abbey Clancy

Divock Crouch

born 2019, age 1 days
with Abbey Clancy

Peter Crouch Partner(s) Other Children


Peter Crouch Family

Peter Crouch's parents:

Peter Crouch's father is Bruce Crouch Peter Crouch's mother is Jayne Crouch

Peter Crouch's children:

Peter Crouch's son is Sophia Crouch Peter Crouch's daughter is Liberty Rose Crouch Peter Crouch's son is Johnny Crouch Peter Crouch's son is Divock Crouch

Peter Crouch's current partners:

Peter Crouch's wife is Abbey Clancy

Peter Crouch's siblings:

Peter Crouch's sister is Sarah Crouch

Peter Crouch's in laws:

Peter Crouch's father in law is Geoffrey Clancy Peter Crouch's mother in law is Karen Clancy Peter Crouch's brother in law is Sean Clancy Peter Crouch's brother in law is John Clancy Peter Crouch's sister in law is Elle Clancy

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England National Football Team Member

2005 - 2010

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