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Partner of 
Eve Thubron
Eve Thubron

Partners of 
Eve Thubron

Brigadier Gerald Thubron


3 children together


Eve Thubron
Bio Details

Full name

Evelyn Kate Mary Thubron

Maiden name

Evelyn Kate Mary Dryden

Also known as

Evelyn Thrubon



Date of death:

15 Apr 2007

A descendant of the poet John Dryden. 
Adoptive mother of Rod Stewart's first child, Sarah
Eve Thubron

Evelyn Kate Mary Thubron


15 Apr 2007

Eve Thubron Partner(s) Other Children

Eve Thubron Children

Carol Thubron

born 1933 (ca.), died 1954 (ca.), age 21 (ca.)
with Brigadier Gerald Thubron

Colin Thubron

born 1939, age 79
with Brigadier Gerald Thubron

Travel Writer. Adoptive brother of Rod Stewart's daughter Sarah

Sarah Streeter

born 1963, age 54
adopted with Brigadier Gerald Thubron

First child of Rod Stewart, raised by her adoptive family.


Eve Thubron Family

Eve Thubron's children:

Eve Thubron's daughter was Carol Thubron Eve Thubron's son is Colin Thubron Eve Thubron's adopted daughter is Sarah Streeter

Eve Thubron's current partners:

Eve Thubron's husband was Brigadier Gerald Thubron