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Mia Tyler
Mia Tyler

Partners of 
Mia Tyler

Dave Buckner


married 26 Oct 2003
divorce 2005

Mia Tyler
Bio Details

Full name

Mia Abigale Tyler

Maiden name

Mia Abigail Tyler

Also known as

Mia Buckner





Date of birth

Friday 22 Dec 1978

Birth place

New Hampshire, USA

Mia Tyler Siblings

Liv Tyler


other parent: Bebe Buell

Chelsea Tyler


other parent: Theresa Tyler

Taj Tallarico


other parent: Theresa Tyler

Mia Tyler

Mia Abigale Tyler




Friday 22 Dec 1978


Mia Tyler Family

Mia Tyler's parents:

Mia Tyler's father is Steve Tyler Mia Tyler's mother was Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler Mia Tyler's step-father is Keith Waa

Mia Tyler's former step-parents:

Mia Tyler's former step-mother is Theresa Tyler Mia Tyler's former step-father is David Johansen

Mia Tyler's former partners:

Mia Tyler's former husband is Dave Buckner

Mia Tyler's siblings:

Mia Tyler's half-sister is Liv Tyler Mia Tyler's half-sister is Chelsea Tyler Mia Tyler's half-brother is Taj Tallarico

Mia Tyler's nieces and nephews:

Mia Tyler's nephew is Milo Langdon Mia Tyler's nephew is Sailor Gardner Mia Tyler's niece is Lula Gardner

Mia Tyler's grandparents:

Mia Tyler's grandfather was Victor Tallarico Mia Tyler's grandmother was Susan Tallarico

Mia Tyler's great grandparents:

Mia Tyler's great grandfather was Felix Blancha Mia Tyler's great grandmother was Bessie June Blancha Mia Tyler's great grandfather is Giovanni Tallarico   Mia Tyler's great great grandfather was Robert Elliott Mia Tyler's great great grandmother was Edna Elliott   Mia Tyler's 3x great grandfather was George Washington Elliott   Mia Tyler's 4x great grandfather was Robert J. Elliott Mia Tyler's 4x great grandmother was Elizabeth Elliott

Mia Tyler's uncles and aunts:

Mia Tyler's aunt is Lynda Tallarico