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Steve Tyler
Partners of 
Steve Tyler

Lead singer of Aerosmith
Liv Tyler's Father
Steve Tyler

Steven Victor Tyler




Friday 26 Mar 1948

Steve Tyler
Bio Details

Full name

Steven Victor Tyler

Maiden name

Steven Victor Tallarico





Date of birth

Friday 26 Mar 1948

Birth place

Yonkers, New York, USA


Singer & Recording Artist


Theodore Roosevelt High School, Yonkers, New York, United States

Leonard Quintano School for Young Professionals, New York, United States

Steve Tyler Siblings

Lynda Tallarico


Partners of 
Steve Tyler

Aimee Ann Preston


engaged Nov 2016

Erin Brady

Broken Engagement

engaged from about Jan 2012
until Jan 2013

Theresa Tyler


2 children together

married 28 May 1988
divorce 2006

Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler


1 child together

married 1 Sep 1978
divorce Nov 1987

Bebe Buell


1 child together

affair from about 1976
until about 1976

Julia Holcomb

Broken Engagement

engaged from about 1975
until Feb 1977

Steve Tyler Children

Liv Tyler

born 1977, age 40
with Bebe Buell

Hollywood actress and daughter of Steve Tyler

Mia Tyler

born 1978, age 39
with Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler

Chelsea Tyler

born 1989, age 29
with Theresa Tyler

Taj Tallarico

born 1991, age 27
with Theresa Tyler

Steve Tyler Partner(s) Other Children


Autobiography Title

Does the Noise in My Head Bother You

Steve Tyler Family

Steve Tyler's parents:

Steve Tyler's father was Victor Tallarico Steve Tyler's mother was Susan Tallarico

Steve Tyler's children:

Steve Tyler's daughter is Liv Tyler Steve Tyler's daughter is Mia Tyler Steve Tyler's daughter is Chelsea Tyler Steve Tyler's son is Taj Tallarico

Steve Tyler's current partners:

Steve Tyler is the fiance of Aimee Ann Preston

Steve Tyler's former partners:

Steve Tyler had an affair with Bebe Buell Steve Tyler is the former fiance of Erin Brady Steve Tyler's former wife is Theresa Tyler Steve Tyler's former wife was Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler Steve Tyler is the former fiance of Julia Holcomb

Steve Tyler's siblings:

Steve Tyler's sister is Lynda Tallarico

Steve Tyler's grandparents:

Steve Tyler's grandfather was Felix Blancha Steve Tyler's grandmother was Bessie June Blancha Steve Tyler's grandfather is Giovanni Tallarico

Steve Tyler's great grandparents:

Steve Tyler's great grandfather was Robert Elliott Steve Tyler's great grandmother was Edna Elliott   Steve Tyler's great great grandfather was George Washington Elliott   Steve Tyler's 3x great grandfather was Robert J. Elliott Steve Tyler's 3x great grandmother was Elizabeth Elliott

Steve Tyler's grandchildren:

Steve Tyler's grandson is Milo Langdon Steve Tyler's grandson is Sailor Gardner Steve Tyler's granddaughter is Lula Gardner

Steve Tyler's former in laws:

Steve Tyler's former son in law is Royston Langdon Steve Tyler's former son in law is Dave Buckner

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