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Evan Ross
Partners of 
Evan Ross

Diana Ross's Son
Evan Ross

Evan Olav Naess




Friday 26 Aug 1988

Evan Ross
Bio Details

Full name

Evan Olav Naess

Also known as

Evan Ross





Date of birth

Friday 26 Aug 1988



Evan will be appearing in the final two Hunger Games films

Evan Ross Siblings

Rhonda Silberstein


other parent: Berry Gordy Jr

Tracee Ellis-Ross


other parent: Robert Silberstein

Chudney Silberstein


other parent: Robert Silberstein

Ross Naess


Partners of 
Evan Ross

Ashlee Simpson


1 child together

31 Aug 2014

Evan Ross Children

Jagger Snow Ross

born 2015, age 2
with Ashlee Simpson

Bronx Wentz

born 2008, age 9
step-child with Ashlee Simpson

Evan Ross Partner(s) Other Children


Evan Ross Family

Evan Ross's parents:

Evan Ross's mother is Diana Ross Evan Ross's father was Arne Naess Jr

Evan Ross's former step-parents:

Evan Ross's former step-father is Robert Silberstein

Evan Ross's children:

Evan Ross's daughter is Jagger Snow Ross Evan Ross's step-son is Bronx Wentz

Evan Ross's current partners:

Evan Ross's wife is Ashlee Simpson

Evan Ross's siblings:

Evan Ross's half-sister is Tracee Ellis-Ross Evan Ross's half-sister is Rhonda Silberstein Evan Ross's half-sister is Chudney Silberstein Evan Ross's brother is Ross Naess

Evan Ross's nieces and nephews:

Evan Ross's niece is Callaway Lane Faulkner

Evan Ross's grandparents:

Evan Ross's grandfather was Fred Ross Evan Ross's grandmother was Ernestine Ross Evan Ross's grandfather is August Raab Evan Ross's grandmother is Kikki Naess

Evan Ross's step-grandparents:

Evan Ross's step-grandfather is John Jordon

Evan Ross's uncles and aunts:

Evan Ross's uncle is Chico Ross Evan Ross's aunt-by-marriage is Tracy Tweed Evan Ross's aunt is Barbara Ross Lee Evan Ross's aunt is Rita Ross Evan Ross's uncle is Arthur Ross

Evan Ross's great uncles and aunts:

Evan Ross's great uncle was Arne Naess

Evan Ross's in laws:

Evan Ross's sister in law is Jessica Johnson Evan Ross's father in law is Joe Simpson Evan Ross's mother in law is Tina Simpson Evan Ross's brother in law-by-marriage is Eric Johnson