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David Arquette
Partners of 
David Arquette

US Film Star
David Arquette

David Arquette




Wednesday 08 Sep 1971

David Arquette
Bio Details

Full name

David Arquette





Date of birth

Wednesday 08 Sep 1971

Birth place

Winchester, Virginia, USA



Film Director

Film Producer

David Arquette Siblings

Rosanna Arquette


Richmond Arquette


Patricia Arquette


Alexis Arquette


Partners of 
David Arquette

Relationship History

Christina McLarty


1 child together

engaged Jun 2014

Jasmine Waltz

Brief Liaison

brief liaison from about 2010
until about 2010

Courteney Cox


1 child together

married 12 Jun 1999
divorce May 2013

Professional Partners

Kym Johnson

Dancing with the Stars Partner

danced together from 19 Sep 2011
until 1 Nov 2011

David Arquette Children

Coco Arquette

born 2004, age 14
with Courteney Cox

Charlie West Arquette

born 2014, age 4
with Christina McLarty

Son of US Film Star David Arquette

David Arquette Partner(s) Other Children


David Arquette Family

David Arquette's parents:

David Arquette's father was Lewis Arquette David Arquette's mother was Brenda Arquette

David Arquette's children:

David Arquette's daughter is Coco Arquette David Arquette's son is Charlie West Arquette

David Arquette's current partners:

David Arquette is the fiance of Christina McLarty

David Arquette's former partners:

David Arquette's former wife is Courteney Cox David Arquette had a brief liaison with Jasmine Waltz

David Arquette's siblings:

David Arquette's sister is Patricia Arquette David Arquette's sister is Rosanna Arquette David Arquette's brother is Richmond Arquette David Arquette's sister was Alexis Arquette

David Arquette's nieces and nephews:

David Arquette's nephew is Enzo Rossi David Arquette's niece is Harlow Jane

David Arquette's grandparents:

David Arquette's grandfather was Cliff Arquette David Arquette's grandmother was Julie Harrison-Arquette

David Arquette's great grandparents:

David Arquette's great grandfather is Charles Arquette David Arquette's great grandmother is Winifred Arquette

David Arquette's former in laws:

David Arquette's former father in law is Richard Cox David Arquette's former mother in law is Courteney Copeland David Arquette's former step-father in law is Hunter Copeland David Arquette's former grandfather in law was Samuel Bass David Arquette's former grandmother in law was Dot Bass David Arquette's former sister in law is Dottie Pickett David Arquette's former sister in law is Virginia McFerrin David Arquette's former brother in law is Richard Jr Cox

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