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Gregg Wallace
Partners of 
Gregg Wallace

Co-presenter on BBC's Masterchef since 2005 
Gregg Wallace

Gregg Alan Wallace




Saturday 17 Oct 1964

Gregg Wallace
Bio Details

Full name

Gregg Alan Wallace





Date of birth

Saturday 17 Oct 1964

Birth place

St Giles' Hospital, Camberwell, South East London, England, UK





TV Cooking Competition Judge


Window Cleaner

Minicab Driver


Family Complications

When Gregg was a teenager he discovered that the man he had grown up calling Dad was not his father.  He was in fact the product of an affair his mother had with a man called Gerry, who she subsequently married.

Gregg Wallace Siblings

Biffo Wallace


other parent: Allan Wallace

Adam Press


Partners of 
Gregg Wallace

Relationship History

Anne-Marie Sterpini


1 child together

6 Aug 2016

Cara Franco


dated from about Jul 2012
until Nov 2012

Heidi Brown


married about Feb 2011
divorce Mar 2012

Denise Wallace


2 children together

married 1999
divorce 2004

Christine Wallace


married 1991
divorce 1991

Professional Partners

Aliona Vilani

Strictly Come Dancing Partner

danced together from 7 Sep 2014
until 1 Oct 2014

Gregg Wallace Children

Tom Wallace

born 1994, age 25 (approx.)
with Denise Wallace

Libby Wallace

born 1997, age 22 (approx.)
with Denise Wallace

Sid Wallace

born 2019, age under a month old (approx.)
with Anne-Marie Sterpini

Gregg Wallace Partner(s) Other Children


Gregg Wallace Family

Gregg Wallace's parents:

Gregg Wallace's father is Gerry Press Gregg Wallace's mother is Mary Wallace

Gregg Wallace's former step-parents:

Gregg Wallace's former step-father is Allan Wallace

Gregg Wallace's children:

Gregg Wallace's son is Tom Wallace Gregg Wallace's daughter is Libby Wallace Gregg Wallace's son is Sid Wallace

Gregg Wallace's current partners:

Gregg Wallace's wife is Anne-Marie Sterpini

Gregg Wallace's former partners:

Gregg Wallace dated Cara Franco Gregg Wallace's former wife is Heidi Brown Gregg Wallace's former wife is Denise Wallace Gregg Wallace's former wife is Christine Wallace

Gregg Wallace's siblings:

Gregg Wallace's half-brother is Biffo Wallace Gregg Wallace's brother is Adam Press

Gregg Wallace's grandparents:

Gregg Wallace's grandfather is Wilf Springette Gregg Wallace's grandmother is Lily Springette

Gregg Wallace's great grandparents:

Gregg Wallace's great grandfather was Henry Roland Springette Gregg Wallace's great grandmother was Emily Springette   Gregg Wallace's great great grandfather was Eli Leythorne Gregg Wallace's great great grandmother was Selena Leythorne   Gregg Wallace's 3x great grandfather was George Gill Gregg Wallace's 3x great grandmother was Susan Gill

Gregg Wallace's former step-grandparents:

Gregg Wallace's former step-grandfather is Sidney Wallace

Gregg Wallace's uncles and aunts:

Gregg Wallace's uncle is Wilf Springette Gregg Wallace's aunt-by-marriage is Shirley Springette Gregg Wallace's aunt is Hazel Springette

Gregg Wallace's great uncles and aunts:

Gregg Wallace's great aunt is Rosemary Higginson Gregg Wallace's great aunt is Patricia Springette Gregg Wallace's great aunt was Valerie Springette Gregg Wallace's great aunt was Vera Springette Gregg Wallace's great uncle was Harold George Springette

Gregg Wallace's cousins:

Gregg Wallace's cousin is Mark Springette Gregg Wallace's cousin is Steve Springette

Gregg Wallace's first cousins once removed:

Gregg Wallace's first cousin once removed is Geoffrey Higginson

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