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Ted Turner
Partners of 
Ted Turner

Founder of CNN
Ted Turner

Robert Edward III Turner




Saturday 19 Nov 1938

Ted Turner
Bio Details

Full name

Robert Edward III Turner

Also known as

Mouth Of The South

Terrible Ted

Captain Outrageous





Date of birth

Saturday 19 Nov 1938

Birth place

Cincinnati, Ohio, USA



Media Tycoon


Georgia Military College, Georgia, United States

The McCallie School, Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States

Brown University, Rhode Island, United States (1956 - 1959)

Ted Turner Siblings

Mary Turner


Partners of 
Ted Turner

Jane Fonda


married 1991
divorce 2001

Jane Turner


3 children together

married 1964
divorce 1987

Judy Turner


2 children together

married 1960
divorce before 1991

Ted Turner Children

Rhett Turner

with Jane Turner

Beau Turner

with Jane Turner

Jennie Turner Garlington

with Jane Turner

Laura Turner Seydel

born 1960 (ca.), age 58 (ca.)
with Judy Turner

Robert Turner IV

born 1960 (ca.), age 58 (ca.)
with Judy Turner

Ted Turner Partner(s) Other Children


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Ted Turner Family

Ted Turner's parents:

Ted Turner's father was Robert Turner Jr. Ted Turner's mother is Florence Turner

Ted Turner's children:

Ted Turner's daughter is Laura Turner Seydel Ted Turner's son is Rhett Turner Ted Turner's son is Beau Turner Ted Turner's daughter is Jennie Turner Garlington Ted Turner's son is Robert Turner IV

Ted Turner's former partners:

Ted Turner's former wife is Jane Fonda Ted Turner's former wife is Jane Turner Ted Turner's former wife is Judy Turner

Ted Turner's siblings:

Ted Turner's sister was Mary Turner

Ted Turner's grandchildren:

Ted Turner's granddaughter is Anna Easton Ted Turner's granddaughter is Martha Hope Ted Turner's grandson is Julius Garlington Jr Ted Turner's granddaughter is Sara Bailey Ted Turner's granddaughter is Haven McCoy

Ted Turner's in laws:

Ted Turner's daughter in law is Angela Turner Ted Turner's son in law is Peek Garlington Ted Turner's son in law is Rutherford Seydel Ted Turner's daughter in law is Blair Turner

Ted Turner's former in laws:

Ted Turner's former father in law was Henry Fonda Ted Turner's former brother in law is Peter Fonda Ted Turner's former mother in law was Frances Fonda Ted Turner's former step-mother in law is Shirlee Fonda Ted Turner's former grandfather in law was William Fonda Ted Turner's former grandmother in law was Elma Fonda Ted Turner's former adopted sister in law is Amy Fonda

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