Relationship Relationship facts

Relationship began 1994

Until 2004

One half of The Chapman Brothers
Jake Chapman

Jake Rowles-Chapman




Thursday 03 Nov 1966

Other Partners

Rosemary Ferguson


2 children together

Nov 2004

Kate Moss


relationship began Aug 2000
until before Oct 2000

Professional Partners

Jake Chapman Siblings

Gabrielle Chapman


Dinos Chapman


Other Partners

Aaron Taylor-Johnson


2 children together

21 Jun 2012

Jay Jopling


2 children together

married 1997
divorce Sep 2008

Professional Partners

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE Siblings

Ashley Taylor-Wood


Kristian Taylor-Wood


other parent: Peter Taylor-Wood

Director: Fifty Shades of Grey
Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE

Sam Taylor-Johnson




Saturday 04 Mar 1967

His Other Children

Bliss Chapman

born 2005, age 12 (approx.)
with Rosemary Ferguson

Blythe Chapman

born 2006, age 11 (approx.)
with Rosemary Ferguson

Elfie Reigate

born 1999, age 19 (approx.)
step-child with Rosemary Ferguson

Children Together

Her Other Children

Angelica Jopling

born 1997, age 21 (approx.)
with Jay Jopling

Jesse Jopling

born 2005, age 12 (approx.)
with Jay Jopling

Wylda Rae Taylor-Johnson

born 2010, age 7
with Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Romy Hero Taylor-Johnson

born 2012, age 6
with Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Jake Chapman
Bio Details

Full name

Jake Rowles-Chapman





Date of birth

Thursday 03 Nov 1966

Birth place

Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, UK


Visual Artist


Royal College of Art, London, England, United Kingdom

North London Polytechnic, London, England, United Kingdom


Jake Chapman Family

Jake Chapman's parents:

Jake Chapman's father is David Rowles-Chapman Jake Chapman's mother is Ellen Rowles-Chapman

Jake Chapman's children:

Jake Chapman's daughter is Bliss Chapman Jake Chapman's daughter is Blythe Chapman Jake Chapman's step-daughter is Elfie Reigate

Jake Chapman's current partners:

Jake Chapman's wife is Rosemary Ferguson

Jake Chapman's former partners:

Jake Chapman had a relationship with Kate Moss Jake Chapman had a relationship with Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE

Jake Chapman's siblings:

Jake Chapman's brother is Dinos Chapman Jake Chapman's sister is Gabrielle Chapman

Jake Chapman's nieces and nephews:

Jake Chapman's niece is Agathe Chapman

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE
Bio Details


Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE Family

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's parents:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's mother is Gerry Taylor-Wood Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's father is David Taylor Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's step-father is Richard De Welles Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's step-father is Peter Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's children:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's daughter is Angelica Jopling Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's daughter is Jesse Jopling Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's daughter is Wylda Rae Taylor-Johnson Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's daughter is Romy Hero Taylor-Johnson

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's current partners:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's husband is Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's former partners:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE had a relationship with Jake Chapman Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's former husband is Jay Jopling

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's siblings:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's sister is Ashley Taylor-Wood Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's half-brother is Kristian Taylor-Wood

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's grandparents:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's grandfather was Albert Johns

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's in laws:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's father in law is Robert Johnson Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's mother in law is Sarah Johnson Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's sister in law is Gemma Johnson

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's former in laws:

Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's former father in law is Michael Jopling, Baron Jopling Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's former mother in law is Gail Jopling Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's former grandfather in law is Mark Jopling Sam Taylor-Johnson OBE's former grandmother in law is Lilian Jopling

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