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Karl Mellon
Partners of 
Karl Mellon

Karl Mellon

Karl Negley Mellon




Thursday 05 Aug 1937


31 Mar 1983

Karl Mellon
Bio Details

Full name

Karl Negley Mellon





Date of birth

Thursday 05 Aug 1937

Birth place

St Margaret's Hospital, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Date of death:

31 Mar 1983

Place of death

Bar Harbor, Maine, USA

Cause of death

Suicide. Carbon Monoxide poisoning.



Karl Mellon Siblings

James Mellon


Partners of 
Karl Mellon

Anne Bright


1 child together

married 10 Dec 1962
divorce before 1975

Karl Mellon Children

Matthew Mellon

born 1964, died 2018, age 54
with Anne Bright

Karl Mellon Partner(s) Other Children


Karl Mellon Family

Karl Mellon's parents:

Karl Mellon's father was Matthew Mellon Karl Mellon's mother was Gertrud Mellon Karl Mellon's step-mother is Jane Mellon

Karl Mellon's children:

Karl Mellon's son was Matthew Mellon

Karl Mellon's former partners:

Karl Mellon's former wife is Anne Bright

Karl Mellon's siblings:

Karl Mellon's brother is James Mellon

Karl Mellon's grandparents:

Karl Mellon's grandfather was William Mellon Karl Mellon's grandfather is Prof William Altegoer Karl Mellon's grandmother was May Mellon

Karl Mellon's grandchildren:

Karl Mellon's granddaughter is Minty Mellon Karl Mellon's grandson is Force Mellon Karl Mellon's granddaughter is Olympia Mellon

Karl Mellon's former in laws:

Karl Mellon's former daughter in law is Tamara Mellon Karl Mellon's former father in law is Harry Coxe Stokes Karl Mellon's former mother in law is Isobel Baltzell Karl Mellon's former step-father in law was Jean P Baltzell Karl Mellon's former step-grandfather in law is E Digby Baltzell Karl Mellon's former grandfather in law was W Standley Stokes Karl Mellon's former grandfather in law was Anthony J Drexel Paul Karl Mellon's former grandmother in law is Isabel Drexel Karl Mellon's former half-sister in law is Francis Baltzell Karl Mellon's former daughter in law is Nicole Hanley Mellon